I recently came across a series of videos on Instagram that went around asking people on the streets about the importance of first impressions, and what members of the opposite sex look for in an ideal partner.

After poring through a few of these videos, I came to one conclusion that goes against the grain of everything everyone usually stands for… looks *ARE* everything.


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Looks Can Be Receiving

The current societal climate has pretty much catapulted the importance of looks to the top of the pedestal.

With social media being pretty much the all-seeing eye these days, we are under much more way more scrutiny compared to the days of old where social media presence was at best sporadic.

We are books being judged by our covers these days, and the pressure to make a good first impression is very much real.

Physical aspects like good grooming, ie. neat hair, a good sense of style, and good skin are all completely malleable and within our power to better – if we want to.


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Ch-ooze Your Appeal

It is welcoming to hear that the features deemed the most attractive are the ones that we can change. Being able to dictate your level of appeal means upping the ante when it comes to self-care.

Grooming is the art of being presentable, and this art involves various forms of discipline.

Hair. Crowning glory or frowning glory? Hair loss is becoming alarmingly frequent amongst adult men and women alike, with the numbers on the rise in recent years.

Take a little bit of time to pay attention to your hair, and stop the rot before it even begins. Minor lifestyle changes like using warm or cold water instead of hot water can be baby steps towards maintaining a healthy scalp.

Washing your hair daily, albeit hygienic can prove to be too much stress for your tresses. All over-washing does is dehydrate your hair and strip it of its natural oils, making it prone to breakage and hair fall.

For those who have already experienced loss in this area, all is not lost yet – pay the Hair Clinic a visit, and let its suite of scalp-revitalizing treatments control and contain the damage.

Face. Your face is the first point of visual contact, and having good skin is a pertinent part of being attractive.

If your facial routine consists of just your off-the-shelves facial wash and nothing else, it’s time to throw a few boosting options to the mix. These options will add up and form what we know as the beauty regimen.

Slathering on some day and night cream after your facial wash allows moisturizing and nourishing nutrients to be absorbed into freshly cleaned and very absorbent pores. Allow the cream to work its magic at night, and form a resistance against environmental pollutants in the day.

Investing in an effective exfoliating facial scrub like Gold Flakes will also rid your skin of stubborn dead cells, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, while the vitamins go to work under your skin. You’ll be surprised to find out that you actually can glow.

If you already have pre-existing and very resistant skin ailments like acne, wrinkles or facial sagging, look into multi-pronged professional treatments like the Clarity Program and Sonic Cleansing that will assuage your facial woes at a fraction of the time and cost.

Body. A head full of luscious locks and porcelain-like skin needs an equally rocking body to complement the package.

On top of adopting a fitness and dietary regime, minor lifestyle changes like subjecting yourself to more frequent detoxes can go a ways in helping you to maintain or attain that svelte figure.

Dropping the pounds is a slow burn, and exasperation might kick in for some of you looking to fit into that slinky dress at the end of the month. If you just need a little nudge in as little time as possible, a quick fix like the Onda Body Magic might be the perfect solution for you.

With visible results reported after a single session, this painless and no-downtime procedure might just be the perfect nudge you need to slide gracefully into that dress, without the risk of asphyxiation.

It’s not exactly rocket science when it comes to oozing that unassuming charm and understated appeal. A little bit of effort is all it takes for that big boost of confidence.


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