Many people attribute the science of attraction to a better ‘gene pools’. This also suggests that we cannot dictate how we look, and everything is pre-destined.

Are we supposed to play the cards we’re dealt with? If so, why is the beauty industry a burgeoning billion-dollar industry?

I personally feel that everyone can everyone has an equal shot at being aesthetically pleasing. There are a few keys to victory – it’s all about accentuating your key features… and I’m not talking about the obvious ones.


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The 3 Pointers

First impressions are usually made with the face, and where the face is concerned, the principal and conventional focus usually falls upon the eyes and the general portion of the face.

Many women believe in the perfect winged eyeliner or smoky mascara to complement their makeup to exude appeal, but the eyes are just one of the 3 key points of appeal on the face.

With the other being the lips, the only important final piece that completes the beauty puzzle is the nose.


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A Breath of Fresh Air

While not the area that grabs as much attention as the eyes or lips, how your nose is shaped actually affects the frame and the quality of the rest of your facial features.

The importance of the nose has present, but only rose with prominence in light of the K Beauty boom, where Korean celebrities have been openly transparent with the invasive procedures they have undergone, completely with Before/After pictures.

People started to take notice of how a little work on the nose bridge or the narrowing of the nasal width could potentially make them look like a K Pop Idol…

And these people have since been told to manage their expectations.


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Nipping and Tucking

One thing that before/after pictures of nose enhancement fails to show is the ‘during’.

Nose jobs are one of the most delicate cosmetic procedures to perform, due to the sensitivity of the nasal area. With the involvement of a scalpel and general anesthesia, this surgery is not for the faint of heart.

For every five successful nose jobs that are reported, there are bound to be a few botched ones, putting a huge question mark on this invasive procedure.

People just do not find the pain and the potential of having a crooked nose as appealing anymore, as much as they want to look like their idol.


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Stow the Scalpel

It’s natural for people to have reservations about being cut open and rearranged for beauty’s sake.

Surely there must be a non-invasive way to achieve the more defined nose bridge or the perfect nose shape that complements the frame of the face, right?

Enter the Infinity Nose Threadlift, the non-invasive, zero downtime answer to help you to achieve the perfect nose for the perfect face.

This procedure comes with the promise of minimal loss of blood and maximum comfort, on top of desired results.

The Infinity Nose Threadlift is usually divided into two parts – the nose bridge augmentation and the nose tip augmentation. These two treatments are usually performed concurrently to ensure optimal results and nothing less.

Your nasal proportions will first be measured, and the next course of action determined by the professional opinion of your trained aesthetician.

This will be followed by the administration of local anesthesia, which will numb the treatment area

As you lie in comfort, bio-degradable threads containing collagen stimulants will be introduced to your nose bridge and its surrounding area where applicable, sculpting and defining as the threads settle in.

Here’s the kicker: results can actually be observed RIGHT AFTER a single procedure. Talk about efficiency!


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