If you dredge up a picture of yourself taken a decade and put it up against a more recently taken one of yourself, you should be able to notice a few telling signs of age.

The first thing you’ll notice is probably the lines around your eyes that you never had in the more dated picture. These lines are the most telling of someone’s age, and the gateway symptom of a slew of other signs of aging that will come along.

The fact of the matter is, while aging is observed around the face, EVERTHING begins from the eyes. If you can manage to get to the root of this “evil”, you might just be able to win this war on age.

What exactly causes aging around the eyes though?


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Your Time in the Sun

The sun one of the lesser known factors that contribute to aging around the eye area – and eventually the rest of your face.

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun have been infamously known to inflict some serious damage on your skin, and with the skin around your eyes being the thinnest and most susceptible to damage, exposure to the sun causes the condition of the skin around the eye area to rapidly decline.

It also doesn’t help that you will be constantly squinting on a sunny day. Constant squinting speeds up the breaking down of the collagen and elastin around your eyes, causing lines and wrinkles around your eyes to show up way faster than scheduled.

Invest in a pair of sunglasses with lenses that filter out the sun’s rays, and slap on some sunblock before you head out – you’ll be surprised how minute changes to your daily routine like these can go a long way.



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Sleeping on Your Tummy

This is another one of the more obscure factors that expedite the aging around your eyes.

It may seem innocuous at first but sleeping on your tummy means one side of your face is scrunched up against your pillow. That means that this area around your eyes is constantly in a creased state, throughout the whole night.

Constant creasing of the skin around your eyes will eventually lead to fine lines and wrinkles, all in double time.

Try altering your sleeping position by sleeping on your back, but not before doing what you should do if you haven’t done so: applying a night cream that encourages collagen production and cell turnover around your eyes,  like the Dream Cream.


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Not Enough Shut Eye

This is something that is more commonly known to be the cause of skin deterioration around the eyes. Think dark eye circles and puffy eyes.

Our body enters a state of repair when we sleep. How much our body heals from daily exertions depends on the amount of rest we get.

With the skin around the eyes already more fragile than the rest of the face, the lack of sleep causes your skin to lose its glow, accentuating the appearance of the dark skin tissues and blood vessels beneath the eyes.

A recommended solution to all your dark eye rings and puffy eyes would be the Revitalift, a quintessential procedure to rehydrate crepey skin beneath the eyes, and brighten dark circles.


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Manhandling Your Peepers

This is one of those things that you do not realise you’re doing, that could be detrimental for your eyes.

I personally have seen many people aggressively rub their eyes when they itch, and for quite a while too. I also am aware of some women who exert a lot of pressure when removing their makeup.

By constantly subjecting the skin around your eyes to force like this, you are actually causing the skin to wrinkle even faster with the back and forth. Application of eyeliner that tugs at the skin around your eyes also causes further damage to the skin.

Do take note of the pressure applied when putting on eye creams like the Liquid Gold Eye Serum as well. Simply dab the cream gently into your skin with your ring finger and refrain from rubbing it in over-enthusiastically.


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