So it’s not news anymore – the Covid 19 heat is burning white-hot on our nation, causing widespread panic, along with outlet closures and a multitude of work-from-home notices.

One of the establishments feeling most of the heat comes in the form of the sweat boxes we know as gyms; perfect breeding grounds for germs and viruses to fester and inflict damage.

I’m sure some of us are relieved to not have to drag our work-fatigued behinds to reluctantly put in that one hour of work to hit that dream figure on the scale… but isn’t staying home going to make us fatter?

There’s a lot of cake in the fridge!




Doing It Right


Metabolism doesn’t really play fair, and it can be healthy in some and below par in others. The trick is to really not let your age, weight and health get in the way of your weight loss goals.

If you’re really down to drop those pounds, there are ways to do so that will definitely take you closer to your goal – and I’m not even talking about adding one more hour of the time you force yourself to stay in the gym.

One very important step many people fail to include in their weight loss regimen is the need to detox.

Detoxification plays a very pivotal part in smoothing out your digestive system, and the expulsion of toxins in your body that might cause everything from bloating to lethargy.

Loading up on sufficient liquids (I do not mean Cola), consuming more vitamin-rich fruits, and getting your 8 hours of sleeping in will help to improve the state of your digestive system and facilitate your bowel movement.

If you have a little bit of catching up to do in terms of detoxification, you might want to help balance the stakes a little.

Mixed the required dosage of the Purification 1-Day Cleanse into your daily intake of water, and let it stimulate all of your key detoxification pathways, for a speedy reboot to make up for the lost time.




Don’t Sweat It


Shortcuts don’t come very often in life, but fortunately when it comes to weight loss, I’ll have you know that there are ways to get that figure, without having to sweat it all out.

Cancel that gym membership if you must – it’s time for you to migrate your weight loss budget into these no-sweat quick fixes.

Cryolipolysis – If you do not like to perspire, you do not like the heat. And the pain that come along with it. This is one slimming procedure that ensures none of the above.

Coolshape, a more spelling-friendly version of Cryolipolysis is a leading-edge, non-invasive body shaping procedure that utilizes cold to reduce fats in specifically stubborn areas of the body.

Not only does this procedure not bring the heat and not hurt at all, there is absolutely no downtime. The use of an applicator also makes sure there is no area that is beyond this treatment’s reach.

Total duration of the whole procedure? A cool 1-2 hours.

Cellu-melt – Cellulite is something that can actually affect you even after you successfully lose those pounds.

Stubborn as a mule and clear as day, the presence of cellulite might be the only thing standing in between you and your newfound figure.

This is where the Cellu-melt procedure shines in giving everyone a fighting chance to flaunt it once you have it.

Delivered using a unique acu-point technique, the Cellu-melt targets uneven texture and weakened dermal supports and introduces hyaluronic acid to said spots to strengthen and smoothen them out, all in 60 minutes.

The Supermodel Body Treatment – For all looking for a more holistic experience sans the perspiration, the 3-in-1 package known as the Supermodel Body Treatment takes care of stubborn fatty areas, cellulite, and your body firming need in one fell comprehensive swoop.

If you’re worried about stepping into your favored aesthetic establishments because of the pandemic, I’m sure they have gotten their sanitary measures down to a flawless tee… definitely safer than stepping into the gym!





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