The word “menopause” and its derivatives are just another one of the many terms for calling someone old.

It is in fact, an even harsher term of branding someone of age. While age is subjective and is in direct relation to the age of the person who says you’re old (a 28-year old is “old” in the eyes of a 15-year old), being menopausal is pretty much the peak – or pit rather, of old age regardless of any factor.

Why is that so, and does going through menopause mean things will only go downhill from here?

Here is what to expect, when you’re NOT expecting.


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What and When is Menopause?



There is no way to skip this rite of passage of your life; every woman has to go through menopause as they get on in years.

Menopause is the condition where a woman stops menstruating, signaling the end of her reproductive period. It occurs when your ovaries no longer produce estrogen and progesterone, two main components that make menstruation and ovulation happen.

For most women, this condition normally occurs after the age of 40, and when it specifically begins is completely unique to each individual.

Amongst the end of the production line for estrogen, progesterone, and ovaries, collagen and elastin are right amongst the mix of proteins and hormones your body stops churning out.


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Old is Gold


There is life after the 40s, and while there are no tangible ways to reverse menopause, turning back the clock and looking great after 40 is very much an achievable goal.

Visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, turkey neck, and dark spots can all be dealt with easily, via self-care or professional assistance. The onus is on each individual to preserve your youth and age with grace.

If you have not adopted any form of skincare regime before, it’s still not too late to begin right now. Your skin gets more sensitive as you age, and you need to be more meticulous with your skincare routine.

Youth-enhancing moisturizers like the Gold Mulberry contain natural, non-chemical ingredients that will not only restore some much-needed moisture to your skin, the gold nanoparticles in the product also help to smoothen and brighten your complexion, embellishing with a radiance that belies your true age.

Add this product to your chosen day and night cream routine for optimal results.


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Don’t Look So Sag


While we can be thankful for gravity for keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground, it is something that we will love to hate, as we enter our menopausal era.

This is when what used to stay up start to come down. As our skin quality depreciates, our face will start to sag, like that of pugs and British bulldogs.

The difference is, they actually look adorable. For us though? HORRIBLE.

A battle your body can’t win is one that technology can. The advent of technology in the aesthetic industry has heralded the introduction of many miracle face-lifting procedures that can literally yield results after one session.

One such procedure is the Nefertiti Facelift. This non-invasive equivalent of a facelift relieves the tension constantly exerted on your neck muscles and lower jaw that cause sagging by way of muscle-relaxing microinjections, giving it the lift and tuck it sorely needs.

Speak to your friendly aesthetic doctor for more precise details, or a more comprehensive assessment of what you need to battle the ills of menopause.


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