Everybody wants to be a surgeon these days, innit?

As I walk along the already sparsely populated shopping mall, en-route to hoarding 10 sacks of rice* for if (or when) the lockdown really happens, all I see are masks – green, blue, black and yellow.

And eyes. Eyes of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately for some, I also see eye wrinkles, eye bags and dark eye rings too.

This masked situation makes your eyes the center of attention. And as fearful as all of us may be about the whole COVID-19 situation, it is in our human nature to still judge, nonetheless.

The answer to still looking good behind your virus protectors (at least for a while) lies in your eyes.

*I wasn’t hoarding, guys. Miiiight have bought a little too much sashimi, t’was all.


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Staying Shady

The sun is one of the primary factors that contribute to aging around the eye area, and essentially the rest of the face as well.

The UV rays emitted by the sun have been dealing some serious damage to your skin, without your knowledge. With the skin around your eyes being the thinnest and most fragile, excess exposure to the sun causes the condition of the skin around the eye area to rapidly dehydrate and decline.

Gene Therapy is a serum forged from the Nobel-Prize winning research conducted on DNA-repair technology.

This miracle worker contains enzymes that serve as the auditors of your skin: sun-damaged DNA strands are sought out, repaired, removed or replaced depending on the extent of deterioration, healing you from the inside and shielding you from the outside.


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The Need for Sleep

Sleep deprivation will always be a problem for us, because honestly – how much sleep is enough sleep?

But if you’re clocking less than 8 hours of shut-eye a night, you will find yourself more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, or hooded lids around the eyes, on top of the dark eye circles and puffy eyes.

The lack of sleep can cause your complexion to drain of its color and your skin to look sunken, accentuating the appearance of the dark eye circles and eye bags you will get. This can easily make you look ten years older.

A quick fix to all of that would be the Revitalift, a quintessential procedure to rehydrate crepe-y skin beneath the eyes and brighten dark circles, all in less than an hour. Truly a minor tweak indeed.


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You Can’t Handle It

Another one of your subconscious habits could be detrimental to your eyes.

The incessant rubbing of your eyes when they itch or get irritated is also a contributing factor in the formation of all of the mentioned aging signs around your eyes.

Subjecting the skin around your eyes to constant stress like this actually causes the skin to wrinkle even faster, as it gets stretched like a rubber band and eventually gets looser.

Take some of the pressure and stress off your eyes with creams like the Liquid Gold Eye Serum, a skin firming and repairing night cream.

Simply dab the cream gently into your skin with your ring finger and remember: don’t get too crazy rubbing that good stuff in.


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Time Will Tell

It is impossible to keep the area around your eyes in a pristine state like it was when you were 22. The loss of density and suppleness of the skin is almost inevitable, but these tiny steps and tweaks you take to practice self-care will go a long way to retard the aging process.

Take a day off to go for a therapeutic Eye Fabulosity treatment, a relaxing procedure that resembles a facial, except it’s one specifically for your eyes.

Packed with wrinkle-removing and skin-renewing goodness, see and feel the difference the moment you open your eyes.

Now take a picture of yourself a few months after making these changes, and compare it to your picture taken months back again – you’re welcome!


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