I’m sure we’re all pretty plugged in and up to speed about the current COVID-19 situation, and amid the closure of various entertainment/F&B outlets, talks of a complete lockdown are even starting to pick up pace.

Health organizations have been heavily preaching the gospel of sanitization and the use of face masks, leading to the widespread depletion of these items, amongst the frenetic hoarding of food and cleaning rations.

Shopping centers are still operating albeit the sporadic crowd, but you’ll be greeted with a bottle of sanitizer free for you to use even before you get to interact with a staff member.


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Virus Proof…or Fake News?

There is no doubt that keeping your hands germ-free is customary especially in a time like this, but are germs the only thing that sanitizers are taking away from you?

With pretty much everyone using hand sanitizer on a daily basis, the FDA has started asking questions about the safety of its contents, especially for pregnant women and children.

The core ingredient of sanitizers is ethyl alcohol has the intoxicating effect of a person consuming an alcoholic beverage, for one. Pets who accidentally lick you after you use your hand sanitizer may even die from it.

Another concern when it comes to using these sanitizers is more dermatologically related – prolonged usage can severely dehydrate your skin.


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This COVID-19 virus does not attack just the hands: the frequency in the number of showers taken in a day has also naturally spiked amongst the fearful ones.

While the Public Utilities Board thanks you for your business, slathering on too much shower foam and going gaga over the shampoo also brings about some undesirable effects that may not be fatal… maybe just to your confidence.

While you’re scrubbing off all the germs just so you do not give the viruses a shot, you’re not only dehydrating your skin further, you may be scrubbing off the very layer of protection that your skin needs from harmful elements like air pollutants and UV rays from the sun.

The sodium chloride and parabens that you often find in shampoo products may also cause your scalp to dry up, flake, and eventually, the inevitable hair loss will happen.


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No Need to Pan(dem)ic

A return to normalcy is just a matter of time, and while we all work from homes and clear our leaves (paid, hopefully!), there is no reason to let our mild obsession with sanitization get in the way of self-care in terms of appearance.

Rehydration leads the skin reparation charge, to counter the excessive usage of sanitizers and shower foams.

The Luminizing II Replenishing and Moisturizing Cream is as its name suggests: it replenishes the hydration your skin is starved for and restores it to optimal moisturization levels. Its non-comedogenic formula ensures that all pores are left unclogged, and all skin types stand to gain from its organic and vitamin-rich properties.

As for damage of the follicular nature, a routine scheduled appointment to The Hair Clinic might be the answer to scrapping away the scalp issues. From a 45-minute Revitascalp session to the hair-volumizing Kera-clone, the damage your scalp is dealt can easily be reversed… improved even.

Last but certainly not the least, I know the use of hand sanitizers will never cease long as the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to all of us… but at least use a hand sanitizer that boasts an esteemed component all popular skincare products contain – Hyaluronic Acid.

Something like Defense from the popular chái range.

Limited in its production, this hand sanitizer that cares for your hands like your face, this sanitizer not only does not dehydrate your hands when used, it actually moisturizes them.

The hyaluronic acid content stimulates the growth of collagen, and it even calms you with its Lavender scent as you use it.

And calm we can definitely use some of, particularly in these times of panic.


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