The 4th season of Money Heist has never arrived at a better time, right smack in the middle of the circuit breaker movement, where everyone is ‘advised’ (read: forced) to stay home… and binge watch the whole new season of Money Heist.

In the midst of all the chaos lies a character that is reckless and impulsive in her actions, but we can’t help but forgive her for her indiscretions… because we are all absolutely enamored by her beauty.

This character’s name is Tokyo.


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So, Who’s Tokyo?

 Tokyo is played by Ursula Corbero, a famous Spanish actress, acclaimed for her appearances in many Spanish drama series.

Her character as Tokyo in Money Heist catapulted her into international attention, with Money Heist being watched in many other countries outside of Spain.

Fans of the show would agree that she is someone we love to hate, but we can’t help be captivated by her flawless beauty.


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There is a “V” in Tokyo

 One of the main features of Ursula in Money Heist that caught my eye was how perfectly V-shaped her face was.

The V-shaped face is one of the most sought-after achievements in the world of beauty, but not all of us are blessed with that magnificent gene pool of Ursula’s.

The V-shaped face is actually still achievable… and you don’t even need to go under the scalpel to get it.


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Tokyo Nose What’s Up

Another enviable feature of Ursula is her perfectly shaped nose. No surprise here: she was born with it.

A perfectly shaped nose can completely alter how you look. From the bridge to the nostrils, a non-invasive nose filler can make that difference in your appearance.


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The Tokyo Complex(ion)

Tokyo doesn’t make the best decisions for her team, and because of that, there are countless close up shots of her with her various expressions, from rage to regret.

All I saw during those close-up shots of her, was her flawlessly poreless complexion. Makeup or not, Ursula’s complexion is the subject of my envy.

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, and no one needs to be a sinner here.

A little bit of self-care with the Hologram Pore Minimizing Skin Primer and DMAE Gel combo can fix those enlarged pores, tighten your skin, and radiate your skin, along with your self-esteem.


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Money Heist Made Me Wise

Having binged the new season in one sitting (thank you, circuit breaker), Tokyo’s scenes made me realize that I may never look like her even in a century, but it raised my awareness of self-care, particularly during this circuit breaking period.

Staying indoors and away from the elements of aging is the perfect time to take care of myself. All I need to do is to click and ship

So thank you Tokyo, you anti-hero,you!


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