So the day that everyone and the Government have been slowly easing us into has finally come: the ‘lockdown’, or as the officials like to call, the ‘circuit breaker’.

A complete closure of all shopping centers entertainment and fitness establishments, banishments of dining in all restaurants and cafes from now til the 4th of May… Singapore will resemble a post-apocalyptic state, sans the crumbling architecture.

With everyone strongly advised to stay indoors to avoid the formation of COVID Clusters that contribute to the rising infection rate, the inevitable is bound to happen: boredom binging of Netflix and along with it, junk food.


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A Waist of Time

With these circuit breaker measures locked in and stiff penalties for all who flout it, trying to maintain that coveted waistline of yours also comes with the obstruction of the nationwide closure of fitness facilities.

While you’re eating and working from home and still munching while binging your new Netflix obsession, almost one whole month of this routine is going to start to show in places you do not want to.

To combat this subconscious weight gain due to the luxury of time you have on hand, there is no reason to slap on that gym gear, and work up a sweat in the comfort of your own home – no equipment required.


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Exercise 1: Alternating Side Lunge

This exercise works your inner thighs where cellulite loves to reside, along with the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Step 1: Stand upright with your feet apart.

Step 2: Step to the side with your right leg, touching your right foot with your left hand.

Step 3: Return to original stance, and repeat this movement with the left leg.

With the right and left leg movement counting as one rep, start with 10 reps, and increase the rep count as you get more accustomed to this exercise.


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Exercise 2: Core-building Planks

Too much inactivity with food intake can also make your arms flabby, so this exercise works your triceps and shoulders.

Step 1: Assume the ‘push up’ position, except that your elbows will be propping you up instead of your arms.

Step 2: Hold out your left or right arm outright, with only one elbow supporting your body weight. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then alternate with the other arm.

Step 3: Repeat with both arms for 4 reps, and complete exercise by staying in the plank position with both elbows for 90 seconds.


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Exercise 3: Ab-Building Leg Lifts

The exercise tackles the most worrisome of spots – the gut. You wouldn’t want to step back into the office after the 4th of May with a visible gut bulge.

Step 1: Lie flat on a flat surface, preferably an exercise mat

Step 2: Raise both legs while stiffening your stomach muscles, and hold for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat steps and increase the frequency of reps as you build a tolerance to the intensity of this exercise.


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Minutes to Win It

All three of these home-based workouts will take you all of 15 minutes at best to complete, but it will definitely work up a sweat and alleviate all of the guilt-binging from being stuck at home, as we collectively work towards containing the COVID pandemic.

With all your pores enlarged from all of the perspiration, reward yourself with a rejuvenating water-infusion mask to rehydrate your skin, as you end your stay-in evening fit, revitalized, and certainly not spent in vain.


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