So you’re done with working from home, and you have lost your luxury of meeting up with your friends for a movie or a glass of wine or going to the gym because of the ongoing circuit breaker.

What else is there to do but to binge-watch Netflix to kill the luxury of time – with snacks of course.

Eat, Netflix, sleep, repeat. Multiply this process by 28 days (and possibly even more), we’re all going to turn into fat cows by the time this quarantine ends.

We’re barely halfway through the 28 days, and I already starting to feel fat.


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Not Just Weight Gain

Other than all my clothes getting more tight-fitting, my over-indulgence has also resulted in pesky symptoms I cannot shake off like feeling gassy all the time, frequent outbreaks of cystic acne, headaches, and constant fatigue.

My bowel movements were supposed to be frequent because of my amount of food intake, but I found myself clearing my bowels only once every 4 to 5 days. Where did all the food go then?

When these symptoms became more frequent and beyond the relief that food can bring me (the irony), I knew I had to do something about this.

I just didn’t know what.


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The Tumbler That Changed Everything

Since I can’t exactly meet my friends in person, I’ve been holding a lot of ‘online’ slumber parties via video call every other day with my best friend. Almost every time in between banter, snacks, and Netflix, I’d catch her taking a swig out of a tumbler that didn’t look like plain water.

Worried about her turning into an alcoholic, I decided to stage an ‘intervention’ and called her out on it.

It turns out she wasn’t developing an alcohol habit, much to my embarrassment. She revealed that she is 4 days into this daily detox supplement called the Purification 1-Day Cleanse, a product that stimulates all of the key detoxification pathways to ensure a speedy “system reboot”.

This commitment was made easier with a catch that is not characteristic of all know detox practices: no abstinence of any form of food or drinks, all business as usual – just everything in moderation. Simple as that.

I didn’t even need to be convinced twice. I told her to set me up… I was ready for my 1-Week Detox Challenge.


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Positive Signs

Everything looked simple enough – all I had to do was to mix this supplement into one gallon of water and consume throughout the day.

It almost seemed too easy to render any effect I thought, but I needed that reboot and I was willing to try anything.

I finished up my first gallon of detox water going about my daily meals and routine, not skipping a beat. This was the best thing about the detox, in my opinion. The thought of drinking celery juice and eating only vegetables would have just made me quit at the mention of it.

I woke up after my first gallon of the supplement feeling less gassy and bloated than I usually do. The gassiness, constant belching and passing gas practically stopped, save for the customary occasions.


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All Uphill From Here

The days that followed showed nothing but positive signs as well. I felt less sluggish every morning when I woke up. My acne was beginning clear at an accelerated rate, and gone were the headaches and perpetual fatigue. I was glowing – literally and metaphorically.

My bowel movements were now more frequent, but not as daily as I wished it was. Upon recounting this issue to my colleague, I was recommended a bowel regulator that stimulates my digestive process for more regular bowel movements… and that was all she wrote.

This 1-Week Detox Challenge was such a breeze to complete; I just call it the 1-Week Detox these days.

I am going to do this once a month, circuit breaker or not – it’s not a challenge if it’s that easy.


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