Ever really wondered what happens when you fall asleep? Or how sometimes you wake up, still feeling exhausted, but at other times fresh, clocking the same number of hours?

Your body does not just “shut down” when you sleep. In fact, it is the most active internally as you catch your Zzzs.

During this restorative period of time, growth hormones are secreted, muscles are healed, and most importantly for most of us: essential skin-nourishing nutrients like collagen, elastin, and retinol are produced.

When you sleep, your body goes into makeover mode. How much difference a night’s sleep can have on your face, depends on how well you prepare yourself before you retire for the night.


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The Wonders of Retinol


The term “beauty sleep” is a term that is scientifically substantiated by dermatologists. When you sleep, your skin cells start to kick into regenerative mode, and your age and how well you maintain your skin directly affects the efficiency of the regeneration period.

One very special ingredient that can optimize the healing process of your skin in the state of slumber is retinol.

A very potent building block that your skin needs during the heavy lifting at night, application of this anti-aging ingredient sets your body up nicely for cell renewal and rejuvenation when you sleep.

Retinol can come in the form of a serum that you can apply, every night before you go to bed.


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Don’t Starve Your Skin


It is usually frowned upon to consume any form of food after a certain hour at night, for fear of indigestion or worse, weight gain.

While this theory holds some truth to it, the opposite is true when it comes to the “feeding time” for your skin.

Your skin actually becomes the most receptive and absorbent to nutrients right before your bedtime, and there is no other time more opportune to subject your skin to some TLC.

Probiotics, while more generally known as Yakult, is more than just a digestive aid. Different strains of probiotics actually serve different purposes, like improving the outlook of our complexion, and building a tolerance against breakouts and other skin imbalances.

Get some probiotics into your system before you sleep and supercharge the healing process of your skin.


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Vitamin Ace


We’ve come so far without any explicit mention of any particular vitamins, but the last does not mean the least by a stretch. Vitamin A is one of the most essential skin-friendly ingredients that you will need at your disposal.

Boasting numerous benefits for your complexion like protection against UV damage, accelerated skin cell production and immunity against infection, Vitamin A is one of your bedside essentials, and should be if it isn’t by now.

Apply some Age Defy wonder cream to your skin before bed, and let the Vitamin A, hyaluronic acid and collagen in its contents dive deep into your skin and work its magic.

Prepare to look significantly fresher – dare I say even younger, the moment you open your eyes in the morning.


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