For the ones reading this out of Singapore, I’m pretty sure the dread of an almost inevitable extension to the current 4-week Circuit Breaker (read: house arrest) is looming over all of us like a heavy dark cloud, threatening a storm of extreme boredom.

If you’re feeling like you’ve almost completed the entire library of content there is on Netflix as the impediment of being out and about to get some (restricted) air continues to chip away at your sanity, the option to snap out of this slump is right there.

Right there in your face, literally.


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What You Now Have Time For

The one luxury you can afford in these trying times is a larger capital to spend on pampering yourself.

All the money spent on merrymaking over the weekends and impulse lunchtime purchases back can now be invested back into something that may be just the pick-me-up you need in this downtime: your skin.

It’s about time to put some due diligence back into the constant negligence, with all forms of distractions out of the way.

In this way, at least you have something to look forward to after just another day on house arrest: waking up to a better complexion does wonders as a mood lifter.

Here are some specially packaged DIY facials we’ve singled out for you, for your reference.


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Gem in A Facial

This does not work just for your complexion – this is also a mood booster. When you wake up in the morning after you follow these steps, be pleasantly surprised.

This 5-item kit consists of:

  • Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub
  • Sapphire Purifying Peel
  • Pearl Eclát Masque
  • Sapphire Balancing Clarity Serum
  • Sapphire Balancing Facial Oil

Use them in this order, and you are good to GLOW. For specific instructions, please click here.


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The Stay-Home Skintoxifier Skincare Kit

The name already sells itself. As much as our body needs a detox to purge out all the toxins, our skin is also due its own form of detox – especially now that you’re all cooped up at home and away from most of the environmental pollutants.

The jumbo 7-item kit consists of these items:

  • Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel
  • Opposites Attract Detoxifying and Purging Mask
  • Nicotinamide Ampoule
  • Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub
  • SW1 Vital Essence
  • Super Helper Mattifying and Detoxifying Serum
  • Blue Orchid Balancing Moisturizer

Precise instructions on how to use this 7-hit combo are right here.


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Great Necks-pectations Skincare Kit

One part of your face ages more aggressively than the rest of your face that you might not know about is the neck. If you haven’t been paying much attention to it, don’t blame me if you find it dangling from your chin one day…

This 5-item necks-clusive package contains:

  • Warm Vanilla Rose Vanilla Cream Cleanser
  • SW1 Rose Honey Essence
  • Astaxanthin Ampoule
  • Marvel Neck Drape V-Lifting Age Reversal Mask
  • Gold Retinol Oil Vitamin A Anti-aging Neck Treatment

Use all these items in this order, and avoid that imminent turkey neck! More details here.


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Time is no Excuse

Some of you may already be running out of things to do during this circuit breaker period, and losing all your bearings mentally and physically.

If you’re feeling like that, nothing short of a little bit of self-care to kill the time, reel yourself back in, kill some time, and wake up each day looking better than yesterday.

That should inject some much-needed positivity in these negative times.


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