One of the most common skincare misconceptions there is out there that the larger the amount of product you apply to a zit on your skin, the faster it will heal.

That is actually untrue – all you’d be doing is deplete your supply faster, to minimal effect.

Applying too much exfoliating facial scrub on your skin might cause more harm than good. The same applies to the application of too much toner, which will cause a painful sting and dehydrate your skin and even cause rashes.

Great skincare has to be practiced in moderation; some of the best products in the market can now fit easily into your handbag.


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These ampoules are about as small as those perfume samples you find in goodie bags, but it packs a wayyyy bigger punch than a sample of a product does.

They might seem diminutive in nature, but these tiny bottles hold a concentration of nutrients and hyaluronic acid that is 5 times the potency of standard skincare products.

With 6 different kinds of ampoules for you to pore over, these ampoules serve as effective eradicators of every skin ailment that you may be plagued by, from wrinkles to acne, to sagging skin or hyperpigmentation.

Pick your poison… or just get them all. Prevention is, after all, better than cure.


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Gold Oil Retinol Anti-Aging Neck Treatment

Another handbag-friendly product that comes in a small package is for an area of the face we often pay little attention to – the neck.

The neck has one of the thinnest layers of skin of the body, which also means it is one of the areas sorely lacking in collagen and is the most like to sag and wrinkle.

Concocted from organic ingredients and with an oasis of antioxidants and retinol, this oil brings the collagen your neck is sorely lacking as you advance in age, making sure you have that firm and taut neck to compliment your glowing complexion.


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Evercell Luxe Skin Charger

At first glance, this may look like a nice box of gourmet chocolates, from the box right down to its contents.

There is a sweetness about this product alright… except that it’s meant for your skin.

Created from an exotic and superfluous blend of cell extracts and Nidogen, this product contains seven tiny pellets of skin-repairing prowess, extensive enough to even soften skin scarring.

Pair this with an ampoule or skin serum of your skin type, the Evercell Luxe Skin Charger is the fitting grand finale to your nightly skincare routine.

Contains 7 pellets, perfect for 1 week’s worth of skin reparation and age reversal.


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Quality over Quantity

There is no need to apply that extra thick layer of face mask if you’re going through a complexion crisis.

Skincare does not work the way most misunderstand it to; it’s all about maximizing the quality, even with the most minimal of quantity.

Pick the right product, and the one that fits your pocket may do for you in one week what that jumbo 150ml bottle sitting on your makeup table cannot.


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