There are various ways people deal with boredom. The boredom that is looming over us right now is the recently announced 4-week extension of the Circuit Breaker initiative to the 1st of June.

By the first day of June (barring any further extensions), we would have been cooped up at home for almost 2 whole months.

In between Netflix binges and afternoon naps, almost everyone does it with the occasional snack (or five). While we might enjoy living like sloths while clearing our leave balances, 2 months of doing this is going to take its toll on your jawline

Cue: Pre-and post-lockdown weight-gain memes.


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Out of (Jaw) Line

 All of the snacks you’re ingesting goes mainly to two places – your face and your waist. Since we do not have the option of letting all the weight gain go to our boobs or butt, you may need to pay attention to that jawline… before you lose it.

Why not the waistline, you may ask. Well if you ask me, a thicker waistline is way easier to conceal than a rounder face. Loose-fitting clothing can’t take away a rounder face!

Since we have the luxury of time on our hands, here are a few simple DIY face massages you can do to prevent any swelling from snack intake, or water retention.


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Facial Massage #1

Using the knuckles of your index fingers, massage the sides of your forehead down to the top of your temples. Repeat this routine for 15 times.

Continuing from the top of your temple, continue the massage down towards your jaw, right down all the way to your neck, until it reaches the collarbones. Repeat this routine for 15 times as well.

Pair it with your favorite AM/PM Luminizing II cream for some much-needed lubrication and improve your facial contours and complexion, while you’re at it.


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Facial Massage #2

This massage is as easy as it gets, and it’s meant for one of the most important parts of your face: the cheekbones.

Using your fingers, massage your cheeks gently in a circular motion, pushing it outwards and inwards. Repeat this routine 10 times, once in the day when you wake up, and once before bed.


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Facial Massage #3

Moving right down from your face the temples to the cheekbones, we now have a simple massage for you for the jawline you’re terrified of losing.

Simple apply both your thumbs to massage from the top of your jawline, right down towards your chin, apply an amount of pressure to it. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Once you’re done stretch your neck and loosen your muscles by looking up and downwards, letting the blood circulate as you rid your face of water retention with all the massages.


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To “Round” it All Off…

Improper blood circulation and water retention more often than weight gain are the chief causes of bloating.

Snacking does not only cause weight gain and contributes to the roundness of your face, but it brings about some nasty side effects like increased sebum production and acne breakouts.

As much as your body needs a detox from all of the boredom-inspired binging, your face needs it as much as well.

Enter the Stay-Home Skintoxifier Skincare Kit, the latest in a range of specially curated DIY homemade facial products specifically tailored for all the time you have at home to take care of yourself.

Consisting of a whopping 7 products at pretty much the price of 4 for a limited time, this is the ultimate package for your skin’s detoxification needs.

This kit includes:

  • Skin Gym Cleansing Gel
  • Opposites Attract Detoxifying and Purging Mask
  • Nicotinamide Ampoule
  • Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub
  • SW1 Vital Essence
  • Super Helper Mattifying and Detoxifying Serum
  • Blue Orchid

Use all these items in this order, and you might just emerge from the circuit breaker with an even sharper face, along with the glowing complexion to complement it.


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