We’re almost at the halfway mark of a very tumultuous 2020… so that’s relatively good news for once.


Another piece of information that might be music to our ears is the fact that we’re more than halfway through the implemented Circuit Breaker, meaning our lives can finally have some semblance of normalcy, after almost 2 months being cooped up at home.

It’s all about the silver linings during these trying times, as we try to reinforce and reaffirm ourselves mentally, spiritually, and of course, physically.


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No Time for Downtime

There are many unfortunate ramifications that come along with this Circuit Breaking period, there is no reason to keep your chin down – there’s no way things will look up this way.

The loss of income can be recouped with prudence. The loss of your job opens doors for better opportunities if you keep the faith. The loss of your social life can be satiated with video calls, and the loss of a partner simply means the two of you couldn’t stand the test of time – there’ll be someone out there who will.

These are all silver linings; and this period of isolation is no time for desolation. This is the perfect time to love yourself.


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The Best Time to Make Up for Lost Time

Time is a luxury even money cannot buy, and now we have oodles of it. Instead of just idling around and let boredom dominate you, this stay-home period is the perfect time for you to do everything you’ve wanted to and more.

This is the best time to get into the best shape of your life because you don’t need to feel self-conscious working out in a public gym or be too tired after work to do so anymore.

Settle into a daily fitness routine that you’re comfortable with, and head straight for the shower after you work out that sweat. You don’t even need a smelly gym bag or a change of clothes anymore.

Pick up a new hobby to make life at home more fulfilling. From sewing to painting or even meditating, new hobbies can be calming and therapeutic if you’re feeling like a mental mess from being cooped up at home.


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Act on the Neglect

It is very easy to slip into the pit of despair the longer the Circuit Breaker wears on – and we do not want that.

Picking up that new hobby and working out are major de-stressors and encourage the release of feel-good endorphins, something which we sorely need right now,

Another mood and confidence booster comes in the form of taking care of your complexion.

With our schedules going the completely different direction of hectic, there is no excuse to neglect your skin anymore. All your complexion problems can be nipped in the bud, right in the comfort of your own home.

A thorough facial cleanse in the morning might have been something you cannot afford when you had to rush to work before, but now that you’re working on your own time, you deserve to start the day off with a nice, revitalizing facial cleanse.

No time to apply that day cream? You’re out of excuses now. Go on, pamper your skin by slathering it on.

In fact, you can now even afford a refreshing midday facial mist to rid yourself of that lethargy and hit Reset after that afternoon nap or workout.

Before you retire for the night, put your skin in recharge mode, and turn back the clock on aging before finishing off with your favorite night cream… which you won’t be too exhausted to put on before falling asleep.

With all the time at your disposal and weeks left before you reintegrate yourself back into the norms of society, you’ll be surprised how much of an impact a better complexion has on your confidence and outlook on life.


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