Mothers… what adequate praise can we heap on them that validates all the sacrifices they have made for us?

They are our unsung heroes, our biggest fans, and one of their biggest sacrifices they’ve made that we usually do not realize is how they have given up their youth, career and freedom to raise us, feeding us and raising us on one hand, and a boatload of household chores in the other.

They do so with expectation of getting anything in return, with the purest of intentions and affection.

They have loved and cared for us unrequitedly… and this Mother’s Day, it is our impetus to give them more than just a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card. It’s time for us to care for them, like they did us.


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My Mother

My mother was quite literally, a high-flyer before I was born. She was an air stewardess and at the peak of her youth, 26 years young.

When she settled down with my dad and got pregnant with me, she quit her job without hesitation, even turning down an administrative job with the airlines, just to dedicate all of her 9 months to being well-rested and nourished so that I could be born healthy.

The day she decided to become a stay-home mum, she never looked back. Having a child inside of you takes a significant bodily toll on women, pre and post-pregnancy.

My mother started eating for two, causing her to gain a substantial amount of weight for one, just so I could be born a healthy chubby baby (I was).

Due to a complication during my birth, my mother had to endure a last-minute C-section delivery, and was prodded with needles in her wrists from drips, scars which she still bears to this day.


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Helping Mummy to Roll Back the Years

Our mothers are all just like us; vanity is a shared inborne trait. I’m sure they have looked in the mirror and wondered where their youth went from time to time – maybe even every time.

It is now all down to us to help your mummy feel like she’s 35 again, and not just for one day.

Here are a few products that you can put together along with that bouquet of flower and the card that will make your mummy feel extra special again.

DMAE Face Firming Activator

This new product is the perfect mediator of all the worry lines your mother has formed worrying about you. This lightweight anti-aging gel is perfect for all skin types, and tightens and lifts the look of skin over time, even containing 24k Gold Flakes for that extra exfoliating goodness.

Evercell Luxe Skin Charger

 If mummy dearest does not have a nighttime facial routine, she won’t have an excuse not to have one anymore with this product! Already perfectly packaged like a gift, this is a skin serum that comes in cute little spheres, sure to pique her curiosity. Nightly application will result in a plumper and firmer complexion.

Age Defy Rejuvenating and Anti-Aging Lotion

The name pretty much sells itself. This is the perfect wonder cream to firm those wrinkles and fight the sag for the skin. Loaded full of hyaluronic acid and vital collagen, frequent use of this can result in visible toning, lifting and firming of aging skin.

E-Gift Cards

 For the more skincare savvy mothers, the perfect gift comes in the form of a gift card, where she can take her pick from what she actually wants and needs… and there might even be something in it for you too (read: bonus credits)!

Pair any one of these products (or all 3 for that matter) in a nice little basket with flowers and a card, and you may have just gifted your mother the best gift of all – youth.


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