Patterns and routines… you gotta love them. It might seem like we’re going through the motions day after day, but at least we’re in our comfort zone, and we happen to love the system we’ve established for ourselves.

That is until the Circuit Breaker barged into our lives and severely disrupted everything. Our mandated sleeping hours are thrown out of the window, as are our diets, gym time, and our weekend social shenanigans.

What is this 2-month disruption doing to us as far as our well-being is concerned, and what can we do about it?


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Binging Causes Whinging

With our friends out of the picture, our new best friend is now Netflix. Binging on Netflix often comes hand in hand with an army of snacks, making it a very unhealthy 2-way binge-fest.

If you wake up the next day feeling gassy, bloated or constipated all point to signs that a detox is in dire order.

These symptoms hide a bigger problem on hand: they eventually falter your immune system, and cause major breakouts.

No need to get off your miserable-feeling butt (everything hurts, I know) to whip up a detox meal or smoothie, just mix a little bit of Purification One Day Cleanse into plain water, and drink away. All you ever need for a system reboot is right in there.


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Does Eye Look Tired?

You would think with so much time at your disposal, you should be getting a generous amount of shut-eye… but the opposite is usually true.

The fact that our working hours are now ‘flexible’ means we do not have to snooze through 8 alarms of 5-minute intervals and rush out of the house to make it for work. That also means we stay up later and mess up our body clock along the way.

The only way to contain the damage from this disruption is to pair your beauty sleep with a product like the Dream Cream, a calming and restoring eye cream day and night cream that gives you a fighting chance against wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles.

Slap on some on the night before you sleep in for the day, and right before you step out for your grocery run, should you decide to do so.


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Masque Those Flaws

Wake up alarm-free, have a nice brunch. Lie in bed, go through your Facebook and Instagram feed. Put Netflix on, and slap on a 24k Gold Masque on your liberated pores, as they are the most absorbent to nutrients in their au naturel state.

The hyaluronic acid and glycerin that make up the bulk of this mask will seep right into your pores, tightening the skin and ironing out any sign of wrinkles. Feel the suppleness and marvel at your newfound glow after the masque comes off.

These disruptions can prove to be more damaging in the long run, if not nipped in the bud. Your pattern might be disrupted for now… but this all shall pass.

Your complexion and well-being do not deserve to be collateral for this minor interruption. Life as we know it will soon resume, and we owe it to ourselves to make the best out of this situation and come out of it stronger and better.


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