It really does get lonely sometimes, doesn’t it?

To have your usual routine uprooted by a worldwide epidemic, and your movement limited to within the confines of your home, unless otherwise essential.

With social interaction grinding to a screeching halt or taking place behind a computer screen, the isolation can take a grueling toll on our mental health, or the ones that we care about.

If you’re feeling like there’s no one around to talk to or no one that cares, there are people who you truly care about that might be feeling the same way too.


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Reaching Out

We may never know how our friends are dealing with this whole lockdown pickle, and even if we asked, they’ll never tell. Isolation can do a real number on some people, leaving them more shut off from the world over time.

Sometimes we just have to reach out and extend a little bit of love to the ones who need it, in the form of a text message or a video call, just so they don’t feel like they’re alone in this.

If you find yourself still being shut out and not getting through to the ones you love, there’s nothing a surprise (or five) won’t fix.


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The Lockdown Love Kits

Local aesthetic giants SW1 have put together a series of self-care packages, aptly named the Lockdown Love Kits, made available to be sent as a surprise perk-me-up to the ones who need it.

Everybody loves a surprise, and these kits might just be the key to unlocking that smile on the face of your best friends, partners, or siblings.

These kits come in 5 different variations, each serving a specific purpose for the skin.

The ‘Wonder’ Love Kit:

The kit is the perfect mood-lifter who all who are starting to show their lack of lustre with this long period of inactivity.


  • Reset, a rejuvenating facial mist loaded with nutrients for that midday boost of moisturization. Continuous use of this facial mist eventually reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face.


  • Pure Gold Youth Serum, an anti-aging hyaluronic serum containing gold extracts and Vitamin E, primed to sooth, nourish and regenerate aging skin, and further protect it from environmental elements like pollution and the sun.


  • Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum, a product designed to reverse the aging of one of the most fragile parts of the face – around and under the eyes. Potent doses of argireline and gold particles combine to tackle dark eye circles, eye backs and any form of lines that might congregate around the eyes.


The ‘Bright’ Love Kit

Shine some light into the life of your loved ones with this esteem-boosting care package, designed to add an element of radiance to pale, sun-starved complexions.


  • White Plasma, a grease-free serum that evens out uneven skin tones with its lethal combination of Vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors.


  • Vitamin C Elixir, packed with this vitamin in its most concentrated form to tackle dark spots, brighten dull skin, and leave the face feeling soft and supple to the touch.

The ‘Clear’ Love Kit


If you know (and love) someone with a perpetual acne problem, this kit could put a smile on their face for the first time in a while.


  • Clear Bliss, an ultra-light gel that uses self-activating technology that unclogs pores and eradicates acne bacteria, even clearing acne pigmentation along the way.


  • Sleep Mode, a grease-free Aloe Vera Gel containing Glycolic Acid that fights acne bacteria and increases the rate of dead skin exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types.


The ‘Fresh’ Love Kit


Things can get very stale and unbalanced during this period for the mind and the skin… which is exactly when this package comes in handy.


  • Reset, a staple for the refreshment and rejuvenation of skin in the form of a vitamin-rich, micellar water mist.


  • Sapphire Balancing Clarity Serum, a serum that restores the balance of the skin by targeting blemishes, breakouts, pigmentation and skin irritation in a fast-acting manner.


  • Sapphire Balancing Facial Oil, a formula made up of 100 percent natural plant oils that hydrates the skin without clogging it, while moderating sebum production and soothing skin inflammation.


The ‘Dewy’ Love Kit

This is the perfect gift for the crazy K-Drama fan in your life. This kit presents an opportunity for them to achieve that dewy, glass skin complexion of K-drama stars.



  • Rose Ginseng Brightening Facial Toner, forged from the age-defying properties of ginseng, coupled with the brightening qualities of rose blossoms. Also smoothens out the appearance of rough, uneven skin.


  • Unicorn Tears, a product that acts as a shield from free radicals that damage your skin, and is also loaded with adenosine that recharges your skin cells, helping you to bring out your skin’s hidden glow.


  • Skin Drink, a preservative-free serum perfect for all skin types that deliver vitamins and minerals to reveal a soft, healthy complexion with a luxurious glow.


Offer Alert!

In line with SW1’s belief of spreading love and positivity in these trying times, all of these kits will be available at a very special price of SGD30.00, with FREE SHIPPING.

All in all, a (literally) small price to pay to send your loved ones some love, to show them that you’ll be there for them.


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