More than a month later, and we have finally reached the business end of this Circuit Breaker period. We can almost smell the freedom in the air, with a little more than 2 weeks left to go.

I’m sure many of you (or maybe just me) are starting to make mental to-do lists for when the circuit finally breaks.

Amongst all the social obligations you want fulfilled, do not forget some of the obligations you owe to yourself.

For me, I’ve never wanted a therapeutic spa-like facial treatment more.

Here are some of self-obligations you might have missed, or never knew you needed, right at the end of the Circuit Breaker.



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Hot and Cold Treatment

The weather can be a very unforgiving element in our quest to retain our youth. In a climatically erratic setting like Singapore, we may never know what we’re going to get as we step out of our house to start our day.

This wet-and-dry, hot-and-cold scenario that we deal with on a regular basis does not bode well for our skin condition, even when cooped up at home.

The alternating weather pattern causes the skin capillaries in our face to contract and expand with haste, leading to broken veins and skin redness, adding a dull and blemished finish to your complexion.

If you’re losing the glow in your face and find your skin constantly put through the paces by the weather, find out more about our revolutionary PDRN cellular facials, a procedure dedicated to revitalizing your complexion, and shaving a few years off your biological clock.


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Have a Cocktail 

On the topic of facial spa-treatments that I have sorely missed, this is exactly one of them. Uniquely named Facial Cocktails, these quick-fix facials used to be my fortnightly lunchtime staple, before the Circuit Breaker hit.

The ‘cocktail’ element of this facial lies in the fact that it is highly customizable, and you can pick what your skin exactly needs from a myriad of treatments, and blend them together, much like a cocktail.

Clocking in at only 60 minutes, this treatment performed in a relaxing spa-like environment doubles up as my lunchtime siesta, where I would take a re-energizing nap while beauty sages work on my skin, and wake up at the end of it… still with time to spare to grab my lunch.

Can’t wait for my cocktail dose, honestly! Talking about it just makes me miss it that much more.


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Let the (Laser) Lights Guide You Home

The Illumi Facial is another painless procedure for those who desire a quick and painless fix to breathe new life into their jaded facial features and be ready in no time to take on the world with newfound vitality and vigor.

Using intense pulsed light therapy against the setting of a facial, this treatment brings you instant gratification and prominent results.


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Shape Up Before Shipping Out

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