The term “squeaky clean’ is directly derived from the feeling we get after we cleanse ourselves with soap or shower foam. The feeling of freshness is indisputable, but like everything else, its strengths come with a few flaws.

With all the time we’re spending at home, the option to shower comes as easy as hitting that heater switch. Add humidity into the mix, and you’ll find yourself taking more showers than you ever did when all of us are out working or with friends.

From rashes to dry skin, the excessive use of soap-based cleaning agents could spell disaster in the long run for your skin – you just don’t know it yet.


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 The Anatomy of Soap

Soaps and soap-based cleansers are formulated for the core purpose of removing dirt, perspiration, sebum, and other contaminants from the skin.

They can do what plain water cannot because of chemical agents known as surfactants. These agents surround the oil and grime, breaking the particles down so water can wash it all away.

While these surfactants do leave the skin feeling fresh and clean, any product that contains chemicals will always bear the likelihood of disagreement with the dermis (our skin).


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PH Level Rising 

Surfactants are commonly divided into two general categories: soap-based and detergent-based.

Soap-based surfactants are generally known to contain higher levels of alkaline acid in them. We refer to acidic content as pH levels, and soap-based surfactants tip the scales at a level of 10, compared to detergent-based surfactants at around 7 or lower.

By this virtue, excessive usage of soap-based surfactants causes a disruption of balance to the skin’s natural pH balance of 5.5, giving rise to skin irritation and deterioration.


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The Silent Killer

The damage soap-based products deal on your skin creeps upon you, and sometimes might not even be visible enough to raise any alarm bells.

The day you realize that your skin has become too dry might also be the day you see your fine lines and wrinkles due to the lack of hydration.

The day you think nothing of that red mark on your face, might also be the day you notice multiple patches of the said marks on your face.

Another habit that might harm your skin that you should weed out is the use of hot water when it comes to rinsing or washing your face.

Hot water can further dehydrate your skin by burning through the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) of your skin, allowing for more acidic damage.


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 Soap-Free Yourself

Because of the generally positive association of soap to freshness and cleanliness, many of us have been led to believe that there are no other alternatives to stay ‘squeaky clean’.

Quite contrary to this belief, more awareness has been raised about the harmful long-term effects of soap-based products, and with that more skin-friendly alternatives also introduced into the market.

These products boast the same qualities of soap, but without its acidic and fragrance-based nature, giving your skin a moisturizing boost instead of dehydrating it while it’s “clean”.

A prime example of such a product is known as the Skin Gym, name precisely for its prowess to fortify the condition of your skin.

This gel-based cleanser contains none of the fragrances, acids or parabens you find in your soap-based products, but masterfully breaks down and melts away all traces of impurities on your skin right down to each pore, leaving your skin dewy with moisture and glow

Another product in this bracket worthy of a mention not only gives your skin the hydration it needs – it even whitens it.

The Sake Ritual whitening cleanser is an all-in-one natural dual-phase cleanser that extracts skin debris with its gel base, before morphing into a gentle cleansing milk to extract sebum and lighten the skin.

Containing none of the skin-harming elements mentioned and suitable for all skin types, this product washes off, and works like a charm, giving you a different kind of intoxication – the kind that thrills and exhilarates when you look in the mirror.


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