If there’s one thing almost everyone is enjoying from working in the comfort of your home, it’s gotta be the free, uninhibited use of our smartphones.

Liberated from the prying eyes of superiors and pesky colleagues, you’re now free to keep scrolling, refreshing, and uploading your content to your social media feeds.

Which also means more stay-home workout Instastories, selfies… and the added pressure to look good for the ‘gram sans makeup and in all of your natural element.


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The Long Road To Insta-beauty

Let’s not lie about it: every like and positive comment that you get from your new post gives you gratification. Your morale rises with the ascendance of likes, and your mood lifts with every “Looking great” comment someone gives.

Getting insta-recognition does not come easy though. At least 50 selfies will be taken, with one finally being selected after a painstaking selection process that involves a lot of zooming in on your phone.

What follows will be the use of filters, to soften the look of that angry zit you have on your forehead, and brightness and contrast to diminish the appearance of those stubborn acne scars or fine lines.

Once you are finally satisfied with the end product after what seems to be an eternity, you finally upload your picture.

Creating a well-received Instagram post is officially a chore.

Except that it really doesn’t have to be.


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Keepin’ It Real

What if you had naturally smooth, firm, and fair skin, with the kind of quality that using a filter will compromise it? What if you can rock the #wokeuplikethis and #nofilter hashtags with a bare-faced selfie when you wake up in the morning?

With the right beauty regime, you absolutely can. Taking care of your skin is a giant leap towards insta-perfection.

Let’s take a look at some of the common facial woes, and how to deal with them.

Uneven skin tone. Filters and editing are only going to do so much to hide the blotchiness of your skin. Overdo it, and your picture will look too heavily edited – you won’t be fooling anyone.

Even out your skin tone and combat blemishes and scarring with some Special Effects, a product that contains natural ingredients to re-texturize roughened skin, balance the tone, and bring out that radiant glow no third-party app or filter can give.

Angry zits/bad breakouts. We all know how sometimes we suffer from breakouts at the most unfortunate times – think a photo opportunity on holiday that is too hard to pass up, at the red carpet under the flashing lights at a gala event… all that jazz.

Before you let that monstrous zit ruin you, don’t ever let it show up. Pre-empt all your pimply woes and nip them in the bud with the triple-action fighter that is Skin Rescue. Combating acne, pigmentation, and skin redness in one fell swoop, religious application of this product will render you insta-ready for any given occasion.

Dark eye circles/Eyebags. All of the Netflix binges might culminate in nasty looking dark eye circles and eyebags if you’re not careful about it. We get how it feels: you’re telling yourself ‘just one more episode’, and the next thing you know it’s 3 am.

Be sure to take 2 minutes before you sleep to slather on some Dream Cream, a day/night cream specifically tailor-made to remove those eye circles, eye bags, and even wrinkles around the eye.

If you’re more inclined towards the more lightweight texture of serums, the Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum serves the same function and fast-tracks the reparation of the skin around your eye area, making you look fresh and filter-free ready, late night or not.

With all of us in semi-influencer mode with this lockdown period, it’s time to show everyone how to #SlayAtHome!


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