We never ever get a heads up whenever a breakout is going to happen. And before we even know it, we end up with too many pus-filled bumps on our faces that might seem to be beyond salvation.

Some people choose to pick and squeeze at it, in the hope of getting them to heal one zit at a time, but what actually happens when you do that actually might exacerbate the condition, with all the bacterial on your hand on your infected areas.

Is there any way to make the scourge of acne going away without picking at it?


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It Spreads Like A Virus

used to be one of those who picked at everything that was foreign and toxic on my face, back in my teenage days… without ever knowing how breakouts actually happen. Boy, am I glad I do now!

When you successfully pick on a zit, you are actually transferring all the germs and bacteria you have on your fingers, to the area around your face. Stressed skin is extremely vulnerable to the full effects of germs.

To put it simply, for every zit you pop, there might be five more that might show up around it. Like a zombie apocalypse out there on your skin, people.

Beating this apocalypse is going to take more than just a few fingernails digging deep into the skin.


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Going Topical

Persistent acne problems are caused predominantly by excessive sebum production by the skin, and this is uniform throughout the surface of the skin. Acne creams might do that job over a period of time on the affected areas, but cannot guarantee the rest of your skin stays acne-free.

Some of these topical solutions do work, undoubtedly, but do these creams work fast enough to clear your skin before another bunch of zits surface on your skin?

Having said all that, topical creams can still be the answer for milder acne issues.

Products like Clear Bliss tackle the key issue of excessive sebum production, reducing the shine on your face, while unclogging your pores, preventing any chance of acne bacteria finding a home.

This gel-based product also does one better by reducing the sensitivity and redness of your skin.


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Zit Zap

What you really need are solutions that is more far-sighted than the elimination of acne; remedies that will not only alleviate the current condition, but also packs enough power to prevent future outbreaks.

You need a solution that only takes a short time, but lasts for a long time, if you will.

The answer: lasers.

If your first reaction upon hearing this was “ouch”, I’ll have you know that since the widespread misconception about the pain one has to endure from laser treatments, newer and much-improved laser treatments have come into the fray… and have proved to be comfortable enough to be dubbed “laser therapies” instead.

An example of said therapy is the Forever Clear BBL treatment. Signaling its intent from the get-go with a name like that, this unique treatment utilizes the different wavelengths of lasers, to bring about a variety of pleasing results.

From targeting and eliminating acne bacteria to reducing inflammation and pigmentation and finally, to the initiation of the body’s natural healing process, this three-pronged onslaught on acne will systemically detect, destroy and deliver (forever) clear skin.

Fortified from the inside and flawless on the outside, your “acne-mies” are going to want to think twice about coming back!

As the circuit breaker draws to a close, aesthetic clinics are starting to open up their doors to provide professional help to specific skin ailments like acne and pigmentation… so that’s another option right there!


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