The road to achieving that dream, cover girl body is a very well-traveled one. To get to that destination, there will be many checkpoints you will have to clear before you get to the prize at the end of the road.

Many that have tried have failed, getting lost along the way. Some have gotten lost at some point in the journey. Some of these checkpoints are pretty easy to overlook, without proper guidance.

If you feel like you might have made a missed a few turns in your quest to being body beautiful, have no fear.

Let’s put you back on the right track.


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Bringing Sexy Back

Your back is easily one of the most neglected parts of your body.

With the fast-rising trend of backless tops and dresses especially apt for sunny Singapore, you’d do better if you rocked that backless dress for that gala event free of backne (that’s back acne).

There is a significant amount of dirt and germs that you accumulate on your back daily.

Perspiration, dirt from leaning against dirty walls, irritation from clothing fabric can give rise to a variety of acne, rashes, and stubborn dead cells.

Your back needs exfoliation as much as your face does. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reach your back as well as your face, unless you are unusually stretchy.

Give your back some much needed TLC with SW1’s Back Peels, a deep-cleansing clinical exfoliating treatment for your weathered back.

This treatment employs the use of alpha-beta hydroxy acids to remove stubborn skin cells and smoothen the overall texture of your back, giving your back your smoother and brighter outlook in a matter of days.


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Don’t Forget the Fuzz

True beauty means covering all your bases, leaving no stone unturned. Another important step to take is ensuring your skin, for all of the attention and care you shower upon it, is hair-free and carefree.

Body hair is more visible than you think it is, and can often be noticed by the people around you if you should so fail to notice it.

The Removal and Revival Program is everything you need and more for your permanent hair removal needs.

The cutting-edge laser technology that is used for this program not only removes hair in unwanted places, it also has a restorative, pigment lightening, and skin-brightening effect on your skin.

Round off the treatment with a refreshing skin smoothening peel mask, and walk out feeling fuzz-free and brand new.


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The Other Pair of Twins

There is another pair of twins, other than your twin peaks, that some women do unintentionally pay less attention to the legs.

The legs can be a very alluring part of your body, and when paired with the right footwear, even be the center of attention. A nice dress will look stunning on you with smooth, shiny hair-free and fat-free legs.

Some women however still feel that their legs are the most unflattering feature of their bodies, even when they’re bestowed with legs for days.

They do not know what to do with the “orange peel” texture of their legs due to cellulite build-up and choose to cover up the most underrated feature of their body by always wearing covered pants or jeans.

The Cellu-Melt Treatment will arm you with the confidence to slip into that slinky dress, and let your legs see the light of day again.

A nourishing blend of active ingredients in a skin-plumping hyaluronic acid-base, this treatment improves the skin tone and texture while diminishing the prominence of cellulite and stretch marks.

Pair this body treatment with some Magnetic Muscle Sculpting for tone, and you are golden and guilt-free of crimes against beauty – from top to bottom.


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