Ladies, here’s a checklist for your skin. You only need to answer yes or no in your head, after which a conclusion will have arrived that might bode well for you… or not.

  • Do you have brown or grey patches on the bridge of your nose/forehead/cheeks?
  • Do you spend long hours in the sun, and have light spots on your shoulders/back?
  • If you’ve experienced pregnancy, do you find patches of discoloration on your skin?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, you might be suffering from a bout of skin condition we call Melasma.


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According to the statistics, Melasma seems to have a soft spot for the fairer sex, with significantly more women getting affected than men.

A common explanation for this skewed statistic seems to be the fact the hormonal imbalances can cause Melasma, on top of other factors like UV exposure. That means that women are susceptible to get these patches of dark brown when having their period or during pregnancy.

Melasma is something that creeps up on you stealthily, but its effects could be quite monumental if untreated. Imagine unsightly patches all over your face even makeup cannot conceal, further extending its unsightly grip all over the rest of your body.

Prevention is better than cure, so before you realize you are an unfortunate bearer of that skin condition, here are 5 ways to prepare your body for it.


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Be Ready For The Sun

One of the leading causes of melasma that is actually within our control, apart from pregnancy and hormonal imbalances, is our skin’s exposure to the sun.

Stepping out into the sun without any form of sunscreen or sunblock means your skin is subjected to the merciless, skin-damaging UV rays of the sun.

Always be ready for the sunny onslaught with a trusty bottle of sunblock. A product like the Umbrella UV-Protection and Light Diffusion Cream would be perfect, as it provides an impenetrable aura around you, against the UV rays. It is waterproof and matt-based and also doubles up like a makeup primer base.


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For Goodness, Sake

Melasma can rear its ugly head if your skin is not properly moisturized as well. Constant exposure of your skin to the sun dries your skin up at an accelerated rate.

With dry skin and compromised collagen and elastin levels, you’re not only inviting melasma, but also a host of other skin conditions like fine lines, crows’ feet, and of course, wrinkles.

The Pink Sake of Restoring Moisturizer is the perfect antidote for your skin hydrating needs. An ultra-brightening face cream that rejuvenates and hydrates, this product ensures that your skin has enough moisture and nutrients, topped off with that healthy glow.


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Special Treatment

Would you say “no” to a triple-action dermal lightener that works in synergy with the skin to fade discoloration, evens out the skin tone, and even re-texturizes it?

With or without melasma, everybody could do well with a dose of Special Effects Whitening and Brightening Cream.

With so many skin lighteners compiled in the composition of this product, the faintest to the most glaring of pigmentation do not even stand a fighting chance.

This product also repairs cellular again while shielding the skin from the germ-filled environment, giving the skin a glow so luxuriant and radiant, you’d be the center of attention, no matter the setting.


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