According to the dictionary, a blemish is defined as “a small mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something”.

Blemishes and scars can mar an otherwise flawless complexion, and it has done so for many women out there. I have seen many women have their beautiful, flawless complexions botched by a prominent scar or a blemish on their face.

While some women out there might think scars “add character”, blemishes do not share the same mixed reputation. Blemishes are basically what they are: small marks or flaws that spoil your appearance.


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Cause and Effect

The causes of scars are pretty straightforward. There can be scars caused from a bad wound from a fall, acne scars from the younger years where you didn’t know any better and picked at your zits, or scars from a bout of chickenpox.

Scars can be more stubborn than wrinkles and fine lines, and ultimately require a lot more specific treatments to get rid of – although it’s not impossible.

The causes of blemishes will probably require a little bit more education. The formation of a blemish usually beings with a clogged pore, normally caused by the increased production of sebum (the natural oil we produce to hydrate our skin).

Increased sebum production can be caused by a variety of factors like skin dehydration, poor diet, and hormonal imbalance.

The extra oil from the increased sebum production eventually clogs up the pore, which is also where the oil is excreted. Eventually, the oil coagulates, along with the dead skin cells, produces whiteheads and blackheads.

The congested environment of the blocked pore is airtight, providing a conducive abode for acne-causing bacteria. These bacteria in turn cause the inflammation of your skin, creating the red, repulsive eyesores known as blemishes.


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Vanish, You Blemish!

Scars and blemishes are two of the most deep-setting skin ailments you might have to face (pun unintended). Blemishes, if left untreated might even lead to a more serious skin condition called rosacea – read my exposé on this skin condition here, if you want to find out more.

Stubborn as they are, there are ways to get rid of these facial flaws, some of which can be administered on your own, and others with the help of trained professionals.

Blemishes and scars are prominent because of their darker and redder shade as compared to the rest of your skin, which is why a product like Special Effects makes an ideal antidote to the problem.

Concocted from natural ingredients, this triple-action dermal lightener not only expertly fades facial discoloration caused by sun damage, blemishes, and scarring, it also re-texturizes roughened skin, and repairs cellular aging of the skin.

Now that your scars and blemishes have been greatly diminished, add the icing on the cake by giving your skin that luxuriant glow with the White Plasma serum, a product that evens out your skin tone, with an illuminating effect.

Another product worthy of a mention smells as good as it works on your skin is the Fruit Enzyme Refining and Renewing Serum.

This product not only makes blemishes from acne vanish, but its uber-light texture also works to regulate the production of sebum, and unclogs clogged pores, preventing the occurrence of future breakouts in the process.

Blemishes and pigmentation can end up being peskier problems that acne itself… wait till you hear about the professional offerings we have in store that might help with that – as we transition into the ‘new normal’, of course.


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