We, as mortal beings are very vulnerable when it comes to sugary treats and bubbly wine, and have all been guilty of a little bit of overindulgence from time to time.

The copious consumption of what tastes so good, but is so very bad for us naturally causes congestion of our bodily systems and a ripple effect that will ultimately affect our appearance.

When it comes to keeping up appearances, no one needs that more than A-listers of Tinseltown, and their assortment of detoxes that they swear by.

With these stars’ endorsement power, more people are starting to realize that this detox thing might actually work.


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Jennifer Aniston and Her Special Blend

Jennifer Aniston is 51(!) this year, and she could have fooled anyone passing off as a 35-year-old, honestly.

The secret to her everlasting youth aside from the plethora of products skincare giants pamper her with, is her very own “Aniston Anti-Oxidizing Smoothie”. Cool name I know, I hope she picks it up.

The beauty swears by a very eclectic mix of beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery and kale, to concoct her detox smoothie, which she promises helps with her water retention and clears her blood of toxins. Pretty much explains that figure of hers!


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Beyoncé Sees RAW Potential

Beyonce is the mother to 3 children… and her figure is telling us nothing about that. Curvy in all the right places with immaculate complexion, she remains one of these not-so-Single Ladies with the post-natal bodies to die for.

Putting in the hours in the gym with her personal trainers and beauty products aside, Queen Bey’s secret sauce, especially on days where she’s had a little too much to eat or drink… is raw food.

She believes in preserving essential enzymes from food that might be lost when subjected to heat, and opts to have her vegetables grains, seeds and sometimes even meat… heat-deprive and au naturel.

Uh…you go Beyonce?


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Gwyneth Paltrow and her “Goop” Time

50-year old Gwyneth Paltrow has astonishingly good skin for her age.

Better known as the love interest for Iron Man in the Avengers movies, the Iron Lady has been asked more times about what she does to get skin like that, and on more than one occasion she has been proud to give credit to her very own detox formula, ‘The Goop Diet’.

Named after her lifestyle blog Goop, Paltrow’s own detox diet consists of a smoothie made up of a bunch of stuff you’d never have imagined to be in a smoothie.

Think salads, soups, fruits, nuts , seeds, fish, chicken and whole grains. That’s a whole load of stuff I’d much rather eat than drink to be honest!

Apart from drinking that very eccentric mooch, the actress has also very importantly asserted the importance of cutting out unhealthy food, and drinking a ton of water.


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What’s YOUR Detox Deal?

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