I recently made the switch from the conventional disposable mask to a reusable mask, because my heart ached every time, I had to throw one away after a day’s use (the earth is bleeding, people).

So a whole day out with my reusable mask, I decided to wash it, for sanitation’s sake. What greeted me after I treated the mask with the washing agent and water left me in shock.

The water that I rinsed out was GREY in colour.

The kicker: I was in an air-conditioned environment for the majority of the day. If my mask contained so much dirt and grime from the environment, what happens to the rest of my face that is not protected?


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Toxicity in the City

How dirty my mask was really shed some light on how toxic the environment can be, and also explains the myriad of issues we have with our complexions.

From acne to dry skin, pigmentation to wrinkles, all of these problems are directly linked to the damage our environment has on us… and I haven’t even talked about UV damage from the sun too.

The damage from the sun the primary cause of excess production of sebum, skin dehydration, white spots, and in more severe cases for sensitive skin, melasma.

And that’s just the sun.

For starters, never leave your house without any form of sunscreen, no matter how tanned you aspire to be. The sun’s rays can give you the bronzed tan you might want, but it can also take away the quality of your skin.


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The Other Elements

The sun is pretty much just for starters. The dirt and grime accumulated from my face mask is not a result of the sun.

There are millions of dead skin cells in the air we cannot see, coupled with other pollutants from vehicle fumes that leech onto your skin like unwanted parasites.

With the excess production of sebum and perspiration from being under the heat of the sun, these pollutants have found just the perfect adhesive to stick onto your skin.

This is especially bad news for the pores on your skin. Perspiration and sebum production can cause your pores to open up, creating a portal for all of the filthy stuff to clog your pores.

Cue enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation… and then some.


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Solution for the Pollution

All of the elements mentioned can all damage your skin, in an assortment of ways, and its effects vary for different age groups.

For those who are acne-prone, a potent cleanser combined with an acne-specific serum give you an upper hand against these skin-damaging elements.

If you find yourself experiencing fine lines and wrinkles at an accelerated rate, feel free to blame the Sun and its undesirable counterparts as well.

The sagging of skin and formation of lines can be dealt with through the right Age Defying anti-agents, and concentrated doses of specially curated Youth Resetting serums.

Now that you’re aware of how filthy our environment can be, with my face mask as a befitting testament, make sure you keep that portion of your face that is not protected grime and dirt free… or else.


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