June 19th was the day cheers could almost be heard around the island (ok, at least on social media).

This was the monumental moment where the government made the announcement of the start of Phase 2, where a controlled amount of freedom was restored to us, with in-house wining and dining, the reunion of couples, and gatherings of not more than 5 people allowed again.

As we all heave a collective sigh of joy and relief at being allowed outdoors and to NOT meet our friends via Zoom again, there might be one thing we might actually miss – no more intensive stay-home pampering of skin.


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Win Some, Lose Some

With great freedom, comes great responsibility to give your skin the TLC it gets on the regular during the lockdown period.

I understand that there will be more dates, more social gatherings, more hotpot dinners, more nights of debauchery. Which also leaves way less time to care for your complexion.

One result of less time for your skin? Dryness, acne, wrinkles, and accelerated sagging.


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Timeout from the Time Out

With our newfound freedom and a return to the office for a significant amount of people, time out in the environment instead of working from home exposes your skin to a number of elements, on top of the leading one – the sun.

Dead skin cells, vehicular fumes, recycled air from air-conditioning are all damage dealers to your skin.

Be it at work or out with your friends or partner, Phase 2 just leaves you little or no time to care for your skin like you used to at home, with the wealth of time on your hands.

What do you do when your skin needs a timeout from your time out?

Skincare routines on-the-go, of course!


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Glow, Even on the Go

What do you do when you do not have your arsenal of skincare products while you’re up and about?


You bring them along – in packages small enough to fit into your everyday carry-on!


Introducing the revolutionary “Mini-Me” Facial Kits, travel-sized skincare companions that allow you to treat your skin the way you used to, anytime and anywhere.

Coming in 4 different variations, these kits do more than moisturizing. Pick out the one kit where you feel your skin sorely needs, and you’re good to go – literally,

The ‘Rejuvenate Me’ facial kit is meant to deliver exfoliating, plumping, and smoothening goodness to your skin, perfect for a post-lunch, pre-drinks pick-me-up.





Next on the list comes the ‘Lighten Me’ facial kit, specifically meant for all who are kissed by the sun a little too much and risk UV damage. Consists of 3 items that moisturizes, illuminates, and whitens your skin, minimizing the risk of sunspots.



Too much good, hearty food can be good for your spirits, but bad for the skin.

This is where you need the ‘Clear Me’ facial kit more than ever. Like its name suggests, this kit contains 3 different items that help you to wage a winning war against the scourge we call acne, keeping your complexion clear as it should be.

If your skin is sensitive to the elements of the environment and the scorching weather of Sunnypore, you might experience skin irritation that even makeup might struggle to conceal.

The ‘Soothe Me’ facial kit does exactly what it says, with an assortment of water infusion masks, illuminating scrubs with gold flakes and calming and soothing masques to calm your skin down… and carry on.


No excuses for bad skin now – face Phase 2 with your head held high!


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