Couples, rejoice!

You guys have made it through the circuit breaker unscathed, and can FINALLY meet each other for some face-to-face TLC – legally.

Having not seen each other for almost 2 months, some of you are naturally a little self-conscious. It somehow feels like a first date, for the second time.

“Will he notice my eye bags from my Netflix binges when he sees me?”

“Will he notice that pesky zit that ALSO, unfortunately, survived the circuit breaker that’s on my forehead?”


Ok, calm down. Your boyfriend will still love you of course – but looking even better coming out of the Circuit Breaker never really hurt anyone too!


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Same Old Brand New You


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, how you present yourself to your partner tends to diminish in importance, as the months or years go by.

After all, you guys have seen (out of bed hair, face sans makeup), felt (period bloating, unshaven legs), and smelt (morning breath, burps, farts) each other in your “natural environment”, so why even bother anymore, right?

Wrong! Relationships need a little bit of shaking up to keep alive. Lest you wish for the flames of passions to fizzle out into dying embers, it wouldn’t hurt for you to give your partner a little sugar and spice… while trying to look nice.

For your second first date, invest a little in yourself to impress your other half. Start off by restoring that glow to your face that might have dulled over the years with the Monroe Hydrafacial.


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Marilyn Mon-Role Model


Much like the much-adored celebrity this facial is named after, this 5-step skin therapy is just the treat you need to be a sight for sore eyes… it’ll be like mesmerizing your partner for the first time… all over again.

Another honorable makeover mention will be the 24k Uplift treatment for ladies embroiled in a tussle with gravity… and losing. This skin-toning treatment combines ultrasound skin-lifting technology with cold lasers to tighten and tone skin, shaving years off your age with some 24k magic.

This will no doubt please your partner – it’s like he’s going out with someone new! And he’s not exactly wrong.


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In Case Of Emergency…


This one’s for all the members of the Lonely Hearts’ Club – poor single souls yearning for a cosmic connection during the lockdown period. It’s been a while since you’ve had a shot at romance – and this month, Cupid has you jonesing for your romantic fix, more so than ever.

As the day draws closer, your thirst gets more real. The swiping on your dating app becomes more frequent and fervent during this time, and finally after days…  YOU’VE GOT A MATCH!

Your heart skips a beat, as a conversation is struck. As the chit-chat starts flowing, all the small talk is merely fodder for the big question – “Do you wanna go out sometime?”

When he finally pops the golden question, the realization that you only have 2 days to look your best and absolutely bowl him over strikes you. You have a good feeling about him, and you want to nail that first impression.

With 2 days to the date… what gives?

Fortunately, as much as slow-burning beauty treatments are still readily available out there, the industry has recognized the need for beauty quick-fixes; quick pit stops for people to just touch (up) and go.


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Setting the Bar: Facial Cocktails

SW1 Clinic

Conducted in a setting reminiscent of a bespoke cocktail bar, your facial cocktails do not stray far from the general theme of the establishment – you get to “concoct” your own cocktails!

Pick and mix from a gamut of exfoliating, cleansing, whitening, and nourishing treatments, tailored specifically to your skin needs, and lie back as your facial cocktail is served… and completed in no more than 70 minutes.

Looks like you won’t be sweating that last-minute/second first date anymore. Consider your new/old date bowled over!


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