Recently I have been observing an increased spike in ‘hair-tivity’ amongst the people I follow on my social media accounts.

Instastories and Facebook posts expressing delirious liberation of my friends and even celebrities being able to ‘service’ their hair again with the relaxation of Circuit Breaker measures have been making the rounds… and also made me self-conscious of the damage I might have inflicted on my hair during my time spent at home.

Increased bathing activity is inevitable during this period, and the over-washing of my hair or anyone’s, for that matter can deal damage to our scalp, follicles, and the ends of our hair.

I figured I too, should check myself before I wreck myself.

Should I chop it off? Treat it? Dye it? Don’t blow-dry it? What exactly should I (hair) do? Oh, the horror!


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Shortcut for the Short Cut?


You can never take back a bad haircut; there is no undo button.

With our hair typically growing only a quarter of an in per month (half an inch, for the luckier ones), growing out that awkward bob or pixie cut that’s poorly framing your face might seem like an eternity.

Or maybe we just have zero patience when it comes to overcoming bad hair days.


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(Hair) Count Yourself Luckyb141p4If it’s any form of consolation, you should be very glad that you can grow out that bad haircut of yours. It’s the lesser of the other evil we know as hair loss.

The percentage of visible hair loss among women is estimated to be at about 40%, and that percentage only seems to be rising with time. The scary part? Some of you might even be losing your hair and not even know it.

In either instance, the goal is common and clear: you want your hair back, and fast. Is there a way to do so though?


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A Tag Team (Hair)fort


There are ways to enhance the growth of your hair that fall within the DIY range, but growing out your luscious locks requires a little bit of self-discipline and some foreign intervention.

One thing you can do for your hair is washing out the shampoo of your hair with cold water, instead of warm or hot water. Cold water lays down the outer layer of your hair more smoothly, which prevents the loss of moisture that might stunt hair growth.

Your hair conditioner is your best friend as well if you want to grow out your hair fast. Shampooing your hair too regularly is, in fact, something you should avoid, and allow your hair to have some no-shampoo days, but condition it anyway.

Conditioners help to replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and seal the outer cuticle. It essentially the head of security against all the environmental factors that might dampen your long-hair goals.

On top of these steps, you can take to boost your hair growth, take some time out to try out some of the acclaimed hair-volumizing treatments that are on the market out there.

Out of the dozens of hair treatments out there that cost more than a dime, the Revitascalp treatment has proven to be one of the best ‘facials’ you can have for your scalp.

Conducted in a spa-like environment with zero discomfort and downtime, this procedure introduces a blast of scientifically selected nutrients that stimulate follicular growth from within, with repeated treatment boasting visible thickening results.

Depending on how fast you want to supercharge the length and volume of your hair, pair the Revitascalp treatment with a Revage 670 Laser treatment… and it doesn’t matter if you’re losing hair or just waiting for it to grow – the situation WILL get hairy for you.

In a good way, of course!


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