British hit-churning sensation Adele has been making the headlines for her music for the bulk of her life in entertainment. Millions, including myself, are absolutely enamored by that soulful voice and her uncanny ability to hit notes and octaves we’ve never even known to exist, even during live performances.

We all hear her, and adore her, but have you SEEN her these days?

To call a spade and spade, Adele, for all of her vocal talent, has been the subject of merciless accounts of fat-shaming, for the fact that she does not exactly sport the svelte figure the ‘template’ celebrity has… until recently, that is.

Through a rarely heard-of dietary regime known as the Sirtfood Diet and the help of a personal trainer, the songstress has lost a whopping FORTY-FOUR kilograms since her split from her husband of 3 years, back in April 2019.

She has lost so much weight, she has even managed to evade the ever-watching eye of paparazzi, who can barely recognize her in her brand-new frame.

One of the standout features from her astounding weight loss? The shape of her face. You can easily conceal your weight in baggy clothes – you can’t do that to your face.


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Don’t Give Me Face Please


Of all places…why the face, right?

Any excess flesh on the thighs, stomach or the waist is bad news, but it can at least be concealed with baggy clothing, and a very valid reason that you like your boyfriend shirt because “it’s comfy”… but the face? Nothing short of a paper bag over your head can cover that up.

There’s really nothing much you can do about where the fat chooses to go. Diet and exercise might help to shape your bodies differently, but there is virtually no way to alter the desired direction fat travels and settles.


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Why The Plump Face?


The chances of fat going right to the face are significantly higher in women than that of men according to doctors, because women are more likely to suffer from water retention, brought about by a high intake of carbohydrates and refined salt.

Ebbing collagen production levels due to aging, the occasional indulgence of alcohol and stress can also further aggravate the issue, as ligaments that hold the fat pockets weaken.

What you’ll end up with when this happens, is a plump face, with prominent folds, and a double chin. Yikes.

You can start hitting the gym, impose restrictions on refined salt consumption, or kickstart the habit of detoxification, but the effects of cultivating these habits are relative to your age and your rate of metabolism.

Some of these measures you take to lose the flab on your face might help, but be prepared to work for it, and be open to the possibility of failure.


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Get Time on Your Side


Do-it-yourself methods of losing weight instill a form of discipline, but also requires an amount of patience. When it comes to weight loss, nobody is actually really patient enough.

Time is definitely of the essence, and everyone wants to lose weight in two hours, if they could. A sharper face heightens your esteem, and who knows what dizzying heights that new-found confidence can take you?

If time and metabolism is not on your side, and you find your face showing no signs of sharpening even after the diets and gym sessions, you probably need to stop the rot – before sagging starts to occur.

The advent of aesthetic technology has opened a lot of non-invasive doors, and introduced many alternatives that do not require going under the knife for various cosmetic imperfections.

One of these mentioned non-surgical procedures is the V-Sculpt Facial Program. Consisting of multiple treatments for multiple ailments all packed into on wholesome and result-laden package, this is the all-round (pun intended) treatment you need to pare pounds off of your face.

Consisting of Slimtouch, a gentle introduction of botox microinjections that soften your facial contours, Slimshape, triple-action sculpting, lifting and refining procedure, and SlimSculpt, a treatment to add the finishing touches to your new-found facial definition, this program totally bypasses your need for the gym or the diet.

We do not need to hear Adele crooning about finding ‘Someone Like You’ – because all of us want to find ourselves being someone like her.

And maybe, just maybe, we can.


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