“What is the biggest organ of the human body?”

The answer to this question still bewilders many to this day. The skin is actually the largest external organ of your body. And if you put it into perspective, it really is no surprise. The most exposed and covering the largest surface area, it’s literally what’s holding us together.

Our skin also happens to be the only point of exit and entrance for all the toxins and impurities that come from the environment, our diet, and our body’s reaction to heat. These processes happen by way of our skin pores, tiny openings on our skin where the traffic happens.

With the pore channels so frequently utilized, wear and tear is a dead certainty. When pore channels get blocked, perspiration and impurities come to a head-on collision, resulting in all the horrors like clogged and enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, cystic acne…alright, I’ll stop.

How exactly do you keep the biggest, most exposed organ on your body in pristine condition?


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Work Around The Clog


Clogged pores are usually the first sign of skin deterioration; the gateway for all the rest of the facial ailments to come through.

With our tropical climate, the likelihood of perspiration is very ironically, a breeze. Combine that with human and environmental pollution, your pores are most certainly susceptible to a “traffic jam”, as sweat tries to break through and the dirt and grime try to break in.

These clogged pores eventually become enlarged pores, effectively ruining the texture of your face. One way to clear the traffic is to minimize perspiration and contamination of the skin, by shrinking the pores on your skin, crippling the sweat and sebaceous glands.

Recommended remedies:

Deep Deep Clean – Living up to its name, this is an extensive, multi-faceted facial treatment that combines microdermabrasion, ultrasonic pore purging, and several variations of facial wraps.

Aqua.Dermabrasion – A hydro-facial that revives stressed and overworked skin via 3 forms of vitamin-enriched saline, this treatment includes an oxygen wrap and antioxidant spray that brightens and adds a healthy sheen to the skin.

Laser Peels – A resurfacing and nourishing face peel using cutting edge laser energy. Shrinks the pores, controls and contains acne breakout, and improves skin tone and texture – all at zero pain and zero downtime.


Read more: You are doing it wrong: Mistakes that make acne breakouts worse


Oily Business


The body secretes oil as a form of defense mechanism to keep the skin from dehydration, but sometimes the production of oil in excess works against your skin, by clogging up your pores and increasing the likelihood of acne.

There are two skin types: the oily skin type and the combination skin type. People with the oily skin type often look like they have a layer of sheen on their face and may have to deal with breakouts on a more regular basis. The combination skin type is the most commonly reported skin type, where the “T-zone” will often be oily, and the other parts of the face are dry and cracking.

Both skin types have different but equally adverse effects, if not properly maintained.

Recommended remedies:

Blue Orchid Balancing Moisturizer – Intelligent moisturizer infused with pre and probiotics that not only hydrate your skin without clogging but also builds your skin’s resilience to environmental conditions. Also calms skin irritations. Suitable for all skin types.

VBeam Perfecta – a gold standard, FDA approved form of pulsed laser treatment that treats pigmentation, redness, stubborn acne, and even acne scars. Minimal to no discomfort, no downtime.

Micro-Refine – a pore-shrinking procedure using microinjections of Botox to shrink sweat and sebaceous glands, lowering the volume of perspiration with skin tightening qualities. There will be no loss of movement to facial muscles, due to tactful application.


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