Welcome to this beauty edition of Mythbusters, where I will make it my life’s work to debunk and prove (mostly) wrong all of the misconceptions people have about the perceived notion of beauty as per social media.

One very popular myth involves the K-Drama approved ‘glass skin effect’ that you may have come across on your social media feeds.

Many believe those immaculate and porcelain complexions are achieved by way of the droves of filter apps out there on the market…NOT TRUE.

This Glass Skin Effect that is the envy of many, can actually be achieved au-naturel, sans any form of filter AT ALL.

How, you ask? Worry not – I’m just getting started.


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Buffer Time


The road to achieving this beauty “enlightenment” is one often travelled, but seldom attained. It’s a long-term commitment that requires consistent skincare, and you will require products that deliver from inside and out.

The first step to take is to smoothen the overall texture of your skin. This requires the use of an exfoliating agent to buffer your skin.

Exfoliation of your skin means removing all the impurities on your skin that are clogging and enlarging your pores, allowing them to close up to present a smoother exterior.

Products like the Gold Flakes Illuminating Facial Scrub is a hit amongst many a beauty enthusiast, due to their superior exfoliating properties and skin-friendly texture.

These products also contain nutrients like hyaluronic acid to induce cell renewal and rehydrate during the buffering process, giving you further progress in achieving the desired glass skin effect.


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All Roads “LED” to Greatness


Another crucial ingredient in achieving skin like the Korean celebrities you see on screen is collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that is found in the skin. The reason why you’re not walking around with your skin flapping like sails in the wind is because of the presence of collagen in your system.

The more efficient the collagen production in your body, the firmer and fresher your skin looks.

One giant stumbling block that we cannot avoid that slows down collagen production is age. As we get on in years (yikes!), our body loses its proficiency in producing collagen, and skin begins to lose luster and structure. Not exactly the way to go to achieve glass skin now, is it?

Unbeknownst to many, the use of medically approved lasers can actually hasten collagen production that is losing gas, while stunting the breakdown of existing collagen in your body. LED laser treatments stimulate your body to produce more collagen, while cleverly retaining it, greatly enhancing the quality of your skin.

There are dedicated programs like the Glass Skin Program and 24k Uplift out in the market, laser-guided to help anyone who wants to achieve what the program suggests: glass skin.

A combination of FDA-approved LED laser treatments, skin-smoothening Fraxel Laser treatments, and water infusion masks, the program ensures you get professional care for your skin on top of self-care.

At the end of all of these treatments and products aforementioned, there will only be one filter you need – the attention of the hordes of male and female attention you’ll be getting!


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