I can’t say I have many complaints about the government has afforded us during Phase 2 of this period of battling the COVID pandemic.

Albeit curfews and the limited amount of company allowed to congregate collectively, I’m actually glad to be able to dine in and meet people again, one of the many things I’ve sorely missed during the lockdown.

One of the things I definitely did not miss though, was the hassle of perfecting my makeup and spending close to an hour lining and patting and contouring my face just to make it ‘safe for work’.

I miss frolicking in bed sans makeup, and actually allowing my face to breathe for a good period of time – too much makeup actually clogs your pores and is counter-productive where skincare is concerned.

Do I dare step out into society again, with little or no makeup, since I’ve grown so fond of it?

This bare-faced shindig is growing on me, and I just might eventually – if I take care of the acne and enlarged pores right.


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The Sweet And Sour Treatment


Nope, not sweet and sour chicken, sorry to disappoint you guys.

What I’m talking about is actually apple cider vinegar. One of the more effective teenage acne remedies out there, apple cider vinegar contains a bunch of organic acids that actually help to tackle bacteria and combat acne.

Lactic acid and succinic acid, both found in apple cider vinegar, even suppresses inflammation which may prevent scarring and diminishes the prominence of acne scars.

Application is simple: Mix apple cider vinegar with water, apply the mixture to your skin using a cotton ball, leave on for 20 seconds for effect, then rinse with water and dry. Repeat once or twice a day, as needed.

However, if you’re not exactly privy to stinging sensations and skin irritation post- application, you might want to steer clear of this one. It will sting a little.

Recommended alternatives:

Clear Bliss Clearing & Soothing Gel. Ultra-light gel with ultra-heavy acne busting features. Clears blocked pores and kills bacteria at the same time, with anti-redness ingredients to prevent rashes and irritation.

Clear Tonic Mint-Infused Clarifying Facial Tonic. Supercharged skin-clearing tonic that contains a load of ingredients used in acne home remedies (aloe vera, lemon juice, sage leaves).


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Pores For Effect

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Pores are the openings for your hair follicles, and also serve as the exit route for your perspiration and bodily toxins.

Where there is an exit, there will always be an entrance. Your pores also happen to be the entry points for oils and debris from the environment.

These oils and debris will settle around the pores when they find no way in, causing the skin around them to thicken.

When that happens, you get these visible “craters” on your face, an open invitation for blackheads, whiteheads, and acne to join the party. Yikes.

Keep your pores tight and your skin clear with Clear Blue, a 5-step cell calming process to shrink your cells and fight your bacteria.

A combination of light therapy and natural fruit-based enzyme scrubs topped off with a collagen mask, this will be one of the most result-laden facials you’ll ever have – I can vouch for it.

Also recommended: The Clean Slate sextet, a long-term solution locked in for anyone with persisting skin problems.

Combining the best of two facial treatments, the Clear Blue and the Deep Deep Clean over 3 courses in 12 months, your skin stays clean around the clock, around the calendar.

With acne and enlarged pores out of the way, who’s to rule out the possibility of a #barefaced and #nofilter selfie, or even (gasp!) a night out with the girls with nothing but a little lipstick on?


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