The smell of (limited) freedom is sweet, indeed.

After two months in captivity of the four walls of your home, Phase 2 has finally given us a semblance of normalcy we were once so accustomed to. We’re finally free to wine and dine with our friends – in less than a group of 5 of course!

With all the bar and restaurants opening and jonesing for their loss of income over the past two months, happy hour deals are being churned out faster than you can catch up… but the question is, are you ready to FACE them?


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Happy Hour that Gives You… Power!

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If you thought Happy Hour deals are just limited to food and drink offers, you got another thing coming for you!

Stepping out for a night out with your friends requires you to put your best face forward…and local aesthetics stalwarts SW1 Spa is offering you a unique kind of Happy Hour – in the form of a whopping 50% off ala carte facials at their OUE Branch!

With working from home being the new norm and flexible working hours at your disposal, step into SW1’s OUE branch from 2-4 pm on weekdays to enjoy their plethora of ala carte facials like Deep Deep Clean, Glow and Go, O2 Blush… I could go on and on.

Now, why would you need these facials now more than ever, and at half the price no less? Here are a few reasons why.


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For the acne-prone, face masks may cause breakouts - Alabama ...

If you’re new to this term, you’ll get acquainted with it soon enough – or worse, you might even already have it.

This new buzzword is simply a condensed term for mask-induced acne. Regardless of the type of mask you’re wearing, you could be protected from contracting the virus, but you’re also trapping all of the dirt, grime, and perspiration you inherit from the environment on your skin.

With your pores suffocating under the mask and the constant rubbing of all the impurities of the mask against it, most of us end up developing clogged pores and acne in the lower part of our face – further exacerbated if you’re wearing makeup.


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Simply Because You DESERVE the TLC!

Best facial treatments in Singapore

Being stuck at home for two months is a dampener on anyone’s mood, and you wear it on your face without even realizing it.

Your mood can directly affect your complexion, thus the adage ‘we all look like how we feel’.

The lack of endorphins induced by happiness can cause you to lose the shine you once had on your face when you still enjoyed the company of your friends or partner, had the freedom to travel, or simply breathe without inhibition.

Your eyebags and dark eye circles from mindless Netflix binges get accentuated as you turn pale from the lack of sunlight. You’re turning into the zombie from the zombie flick you just watched.

What you are in dire need of, and not emerge from the lockdown worse for wear, is exactly one of those aforementioned facials, that will re-circulate the flow of blood, enhance the production of collagen, hydrate, moisturize, revitalize… pretty much everything it takes to bring back the colour and vigour you once had, because you’re worth it – as is SW1Spa’s scintillating offer of 50% off facials, Mondays-Fridays, 2-4 pm!

It’s happy hour: at least look the part, right?


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