We’ve spent countless days lying in wait, counting down the days to limited freedom… and now we’ve finally got it.


Moving around with the face mask might be a small price to pay, but at least a semblance of normalcy is restored with the commencement of Phase 2 – we’re allowed to socialize, date and gather in limited numbers, and that is surely better than being on ‘house arrest’ for sure.

If we’re talking downtime, we’ve probably had 2 months of that which we didn’t even ask for.

From a beauty standpoint, you’d want to be ready for that party or that second first date in NO TIME.

Here are some of our choice picks for some of the top-of-the-range, no-downtime treatments that will not take up any more of your precious time!


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Youth Preserve It

A quick beauty fix comes in the form of a healthy, copious dose of Hyaluronic Acid, long known in beauty circles to be the elixir of youth.

Hyaluronic acid is a hydration magnet, in the sense that it has the capacity to hold 1000 more times its weight of water. The lack of hydration is the reason why your skin ages and wrinkles – much like a dried prune.

Youth Preserve is a Hyaluronic Acid-heavy treatment that administers this hydration magnet by way of a non-conventional method known as Profhilo, which functions more like a skin remodeling therapy, instead of a dermal filler, which will equate to downtime.

Profhilo stimulates your skin’s restructuring and rebuilding reflexes to make younger-looking skin more natural and organic, by introducing hyaluronic acid evenly into 5 strategic parts of the skin known to aggressively age.

Subtle and quietly potent in this war of aging, this is the treatment you would need be looking at that comes with no downtime, for that lift you need.


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Beauty Lift-Me-Up

Another anti-aging treatment that has been added to the premium column of non-invasive treatments that do not require any downtime is known as the Sygma Lift.

Fans of the coveted V-shaped face would marvel at the fact that this procedure can be performed without any downtime or the requirement of a scalpel.

3 components complete the Sygma Lift experience: focal lines, ultrasound HIFU technology, and low-level cold lasers.

When performed in tandem, these 3 processes can stimulate collagen production and enhance drainage of fat cells in the skin and tighten it, sculpting your face to its desired shape – with zero surgical action or aftercare at all.

Now THAT’S a quick fix!


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Much-Needed (Ul)Therapy

When one mentions facelifts, there is usually the notion of going under the knife and prolonged periods of downtime… but not anymore.

There is a new non-invasive, FDA-approved version of a facelift in town, and it’s picking up speed, thanks to endorsements by local celebrities like Joanne Peh.

This procedure is none other than the Ultherapy, a facelift that uses ultrasound to fulfill what a scalpel usually does to give the face a significant lift.

Functioning by way of stimulation of collagen beneath the skin’s recesses, this procedure doesn’t leave a mark, because of the way ultrasound hits and treats the skin – via deep penetration beneath the skin layers and leaving the surface unscathed.

Clocking in at only 60 minutes for a full face and neck treatment, this facelift has completely revolutionized the aesthetic market – especially in a climate where time is now such a valuable commodity.


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