I have always believed that how we all look like how we feel, and vice versa.

Self-esteem has long been an oft-neglected yardstick that influences how we look. These concerns where the face is concerned (wrinkles, acne, skin-sagging) can lead to lingering woe that turns a darker corner – into depression.

These were the sentiments echoed by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, as they delved into the intricacies on the correlation of vanity and mental health… to some surprising results.


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The Study, and The Result 

In a wildly evolving and disruptive industry like aesthetics, the researchers had an extensive list of treatments and procedures to pick from, but it only made sense to them to pick one of the mainstays of the industry, a treatment that has never wavered in popularity and stood the test of time, and that treatment was, of course, Botox.

One of the most (if not the most) frequently performed treatments in the world, Botox injections are commonly used to ease wrinkles, sagging of the skin, muscle spasms, and even a myriad of other conditions like excessive sweating and migraines.

From a database of nearly 40,000 people who have undergone Botox at six different areas of the skin and for a variety of reasons, a whopping 88% of this universe size has reported fewer signs of depression after undergoing the much-coveted treatment.

That’s an astounding 35,200 happier people out of 40,000 people, post-Botox!


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Beyond the Aesthetics 

To the public eye, botox injections do not exactly have the best reputation, because of the media’s sensationalization of botched procedures performed by untrained doctors, and the misconceived notion of Botox only serving the purpose of ridding wrinkles.

As mentioned before, Botox provides alleviation for a variety of ailments and not just wrinkles. From curing migraines to excessive perspiration, the list of what Botox can get rid of happens to coincide with everything that can affect a person’s mental health and self-esteem.

People with migraines tend to be more temperamental and moody because of the pain that is doing their heads in, and those who perspire excessively might be taunted by the ones around them for having body odor or those perpetual sweat stains on their clothes, leading to low mood levels and a gateway down that dreaded “D’’ word.

It is not exactly a surprise that Botox does more than just lift the skin; it is indeed a mood-lifter as well.


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The Right Channels

 As we steer ourselves back to the topic of Botox just for beauty, a professor involved in this ongoing research could not have encapsulated the prowess of Botox better.

“It’s been thought that easing severe frown lines in the forehead region disrupts a feedback loop that reinforces negative emotions.”  

Turning negative emotions into positive ones starts with identifying the right channels of distribution for Botox injections.

To avoid being a statistic in the growing number of botched, budget Botox injections performed by professionals that are anything but, always deter yourself and apply the wise old adage of, ‘If you pay peanuts, you’ll only attract the monkeys’.

A properly and professionally administered Botox injection that yields the most natural results will not come at a price of ‘3 shots for 99 dollars!’.

Ensure that your Botox injections are conducted at recognized aesthetic establishments because it is not exactly a walk-in procedure.

Proper establishments will throw in a proper consultation by a trained and licensed aesthetician before any form of injection, and proper analysis and recommendation of your needs through the eyes of a professional will never hurt anyone.

Bear these in mind, and you can trust Botox to give you that peace of mind, in more ways than one.


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