There used to be a time when there was only really one dominant gender dominating the beauty market – the ladies.

As we progress through the advent of social media and keeping up appearances living our online personas, that once-clear line that’s drawn between the two genders slowly got blurred; men are starting to take care of themselves too.

It is no longer a surprise to see men exfoliating or cleansing as much, or even more, than the ladies do these days. The art of vanity and beauty is now gender-fluid… and the impetus is on you, to make yourself look good.

Here are a couple of areas that require extra attention, especially in recent times – gender regardless.


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Turn That Crown Upside Down

We start off right at the top. The men love to style and spray it, the ladies love to dye or curl it: your hair.

Our scalp often bears the brunt of various elements that might weaken it. From the chemicals and styling products that we introduce it to, the blow-drying, or the heat and the humidity of the climate that hits the top of our heads when we step out.

These exact elements are the reason why the thinning or the loss of hair is more prevalent in recent times. As we get vainer with time, our scalp is actually getting weaker, with nothing to fortify and protect it.

You might have an immaculate complexion because of all the time spent on the maintenance of your complexion, but you need to take a little time to take care of your scalp as well before early-onset balding or thinning of the hair comes into the picture.

Understand the shampoo and conditioning products you’re using on your hair, and give your long-suffering scalp the added protection it deserves by introducing a Hair Recovery and Strengthening Serum into your scalp-care routine.

If you’re only beginning to be aware of your hair and realize you’re losing hair volume, revitalizing your scalp might be the next option you should explore because there is no point having the perfect complexion if you haven’t realized the Full Potential of your hair.


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The Downside of Masking Up

In recent times, donning a face mask has taken a completely different meaning. We’re not even talking about the moisturizing face masks you don after your shower… we’re talking about trying not to contract a deadly virus when you’re out and about.

Donning a facial mask has become a staple in our daily getup because it’s literally illegal to be spotted outdoors without a mask on.

Extended hours breathing into a piece of fabric, along with the element of environmental pollutants and perspiration can take its toll on the skin under it – we’re basically suffocating our skin and depriving the pores of a chance to breathe freely.

‘Maskne’ is the new pandemic that has been secretly creeping up on us… with no end of mask-wearing in sight. Clogged pores can lead to various forms of acne or skin irritation, and we need to do something about it.

Your skin is in dire need of some unclogging and de-sanitization, to prevent symptoms of acne and skin rashes from festering.

An ultra-light gel-like Clear Bliss applied as a nightly and daily routine before the donning of your mask gives your skin the shield it needs from future irritations and breakouts.

So there you have it… just a little added discernment in a couple of areas can go a long way in terms of looking good.

You CANNOT afford to be lazy about it though!


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