The jury seems to be still out on this one. The embers of this burning question still burn bright,  but the good news is, we’re closer to a definitive answer than we once were.

If you ask a woman what they’re looking for in a man, I’d wager my last dollar it’s something along the lines of “someone who makes me laugh” or “looks are not that important, as long as he has a good heart”.

This all sounds so sweet and sensible, but somehow too good to be true, at least to the scores of researchers out there trying to find out What Women Want (movie reference fully intended).

One study particularly stood out, and pretty much shed light on the fact that we might have known the answer all along.


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Facts in the Stats

A study recently published online in the Evolutionary Psychological Science Journal revealed some interesting findings, contrary to the common conception of what women look for in men.

Researchers asked a group of young women from ages 15 to 29 to pick out potential suitors from a series of men’s photographs and their character descriptions, while the women’s mothers were also put to task and asked to select possible partners of their daughters with the same information.

The results revealed that a man’s looks influenced both groups of women more than their personality profiles, despite some glowing personality traits of some men.

It was a landslide victory for the good-looking men in the study against the less attractive ones with great personalities.

The jury has finally reached the verdict – women care about how men look, more than they claim they don’t.


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Looks, Like it Matters

It looks like it takes more than a sense of humor to find your way into a woman’s heart. While not everyone was born in the same gene pool as your Clooneys and Goslings, looking good is just about keeping a tight ship when it comes to grooming.

A good haircut can easily abolish any form of dishevelment and lack of luster, and immediately make you look like you cleaned up well. Paying attention to your scalp and the volume of your hair is also an essential part of grooming.

The rate of hair loss continues to be on the rise in recent years, and not being a part of that grave statistic means more discernment on scalp care and hairline control. Any sign of thinning should be met with immediate action before the condition worsens.

Consult with your friendly aesthetic doctor and pencil in a scalp revitalizing session before everything on top starts to wear too thin.

Moving down from the scalp, we have your very prominent first line of visual contact with everyone you meet, the face.

Great first impressions begin from your face, and given the frenzied lifestyles we lead, it’s easy to get unintentionally complacent about how you’re portraying yourself to the people who matter.

Fatigue and frequent stress can drain the vigor off your face and make you look dull and in need of a year of sleep.

Fortunately for men, the emergence of premier microlaser technology has spawned treatments like the Fraxel Light to reintroduce the freshness and vigor to your face, and then some.

The Fraxel Light procedure not only refreshes dull complexions, but it also rectifies skin discoloration and smoothens out the texture of your skin, all at the same time. Results have been known to be observed after just one session.

For a two-birds-one-stone approach to those who find themselves having a more restrictive self-care schedule, The Boardroom Program is the perfect one-two combo package that you can undergo in under 50 minutes, that will take care of your scalp and complexion concurrently.

With the full head of hair and the fresh face, all you need right now is an equally immaculate wardrobe to complement it. It’s not that tough to clean up well – now that your man finally knows what women want.


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