Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder, and these said beholders are often the people we interact socially with or even just strangers on the street that are enamored by your perfect facial features and immaculate makeup.

We doll ourselves up often to please these people and in turn, feel good about ourselves. What people cannot see, however, is something is exclusive to only you and your partner.

I’m talking about your intimates. As much as our face needs regular maintenance, our vagina needs her TLC as well.

The ills of aging have a visual impact on the nether region, and this impact doesn’t just stop how it looks: there are health-related implications as well.


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Lip Service

Nobody really has the right mind to attach a time-lapse camera to their vagina, but if they did and filmed it over the years, you’ll see that the vagina’s appearance actually changes through time.

One obvious difference you might observe over time is the change in the color of your vagina, namely the lips.

The skin on our vagina is equally vulnerable to the loss of laxity, dehydration, and staining with time – pretty much like the lips on our face.

Factors like blood-staining from our monthly menstrual cycles, heat, moisture from vaginal discharge, and even our choice of sanitary pads can cause the lips of our vagina to darken and even become rougher in texture over time.


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The Pelvic Floor

 Apart from the appearance of your vagina, the health and bedroom-related issues that come with age are also a huge cause for concern.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and ligaments in our pelvic region that acts as a support to the organs in the pelvis. These organs include the bladder, uterus, rectum, and prostate.

These mentioned organs are responsible for controlling your bowel movements, urination, and in the case of women, sexual intercourse.

The weakening of the pelvic floor is usually caused by childbirth, weight gain, and poorer control of muscle movement that comes with age.

A weakened pelvic floor can not only lead to underwhelming experiences during intercourse, it can also lead to the loss of bladder control and in more severe cases if untreated, prostate cancer.


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What to Do About It

 This might be a sobering read for most of us, because we pay so much attention to what happens up north, but we’re usually not in the loop where the changes down south are concerned. And there is truly cause for concern!

If all these symptoms are news to you, there is no cause for panic yet. This is a commonly overlooked area of self-maintenance, but there are ways to remedy the situation that only requires one step.

That step is known as the Intimate Renewal Program.

The Intimate Renewal Program ensures not only preservation but enhancement of your inner beauty and wellness, with a sumptuous list of our best feminine rejuvenation treatments like Fraxel Light Skin Renewal and Thulium Whitening lasers. For an all-round prettifying experience, pair it with a side of our hair removal lasers and pelvic floor strengthening (MMS Pelvic Core) boosters.

These treatments will not only restore the vigour to the appearance of your vagina. Your pelvic floor will also be fortified via the Pelvic Core boosters, making toilet trips less frequent, and sexual activity…well, more frequent! You get to look good, and feel even better, inside out.

It is important to run a tight ship on the inside as much as on the outside, and the Intimate Renewal Program is the ultimate solution to that… and then some.


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