We all know change is the only thing that is constant in life, but sometimes that change can take a turn for the worse… in the wrong hands.

The hands I’m referring to in this instance are the ones of a hairdresser that gave me a trim so grim, I might have killed her at least 7 times over in my head, in 7 different ways.

A botched haircut can be crippling to the self-esteem, to the point where you wouldn’t even want to step out of the house.

Sure, you can mask it with some headgear, but in the office and in this weather – really? You sure you want to keep that on the whole day?


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(Hair) Count Yourself Luckyb141p4If it’s any form of consolation, you should be very glad that you can actually grow out that bad haircut of yours. It’s definitely the lesser of the other evil we know as hair loss.

The percentage of visible hair loss among women is estimated to be at about 40%, and that percentage only seems to be rising with time. The scary part? Some of you might even be losing your hair and not even know it.

In either instance, the goal is common and clear: you want your hair back, and fast. Is there really a way to do so though?


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There are actually ways to enhance the growth of your hair that fall within the DIY range, but growing out your luscious locks requires a little bit of self-discipline and some foreign intervention.

Conditioning and shampooing your hair too often can actually contribute to hair loss, because of the harsh nature of the chemicals in these products. Make sure you do not shampoo or condition your hair every time you hit the shower – too much of something is never good.

On the occasion that you feel like your hair is due for the shampoo-and-conditioner combo, throw in a product like the Hair Recovery Strengthening and Rejuvenating Serum to rejuvenate and revitalize those hair follicles with sumptuous nutrients – it also stimulates the growth of hair too.

On top of these steps, you can take to boost your hair growth, take some time out to try out some of the acclaimed hair-volumizing treatments that are on the market out there.

Out of the dozens of hair treatments out there that actually cost more than a dime, the Revitascalp (newly minted Women’s Weekly Best Volumising Treatment for Thinning Hair winner) treatment has proven to be one of the best ‘facials’ you can have for your scalp.

Conducted in a spa-like environment with zero discomfort and downtime, this procedure introduces a blast of scientifically selected nutrients that stimulate follicular growth from within, with repeated treatment boasting visible thickening results.

Depending on how fast you want to supercharge the length and volume of your hair, pair the Revitascalp treatment with a Revage 670 Laser treatment… and it really doesn’t matter if you’re losing hair or just waiting for it to grow – the situation WILL get hairy for you.

In a good way, of course!


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