If there is ever one thing that always keeps us on our toes and always far from contentment, it’s our weight.

We want to do the crime of succumbing to our favorite food and desserts, but none of us really want to do the time it takes to shake the extra baggage off.

Of all the hours spent sweating it out in the gym and trying out various forms of diets, are you getting that visible result you so clearly yearn for?

If you’re not, like many out there, allow the good doctor to intervene.


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Meet Dr Low

‘‘Weight loss is, and will always remain one of the most sought after aesthetic enhancements by clients who come through our door,’’ explains Dr. Low Chai Ling, founder and Medical Director of SW1 Clinic, one of Singapore’s biggest aesthetic establishments.

She continues to add that she is always scouring the market to source for the latest and best weight-busting procedures to bring into the clinic, to cope with rising client demand.

That was, of course, my cue to ask her to come up with her list of the best weight busters that her clinic has to offer – which she duly obliged.


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Onda Body Magic

One of our most well-received weight loss treatments here is the Onda Body Magic. It is by no means a new procedure, but it’s been the go-to for many who suffer from cellulite in unwanted areas of their body, without going under the knife.’’

Dr Low further explains that the Onda Body Magic is driven by the innovative Coolwaves technology, using electromagnetic energy to heat up fatty deposits and dissolving them in a way that preserves the tightness of the skin, allowing for fat loss while retaining tautness of the skin.

I later learned that this treatment has even been voted as the Best Cellulite Buster by Harper’s Bazaar magazine last year!


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The Skinny Jab

This is our latest offering in our spectrum of weight busting treatments, and it’s not even done in-house! This is a DIY injectable and regulates your appetite and food cravings, that you can perform on your own schedule.”

 The ‘ DIY’ aspect of this Skinny Jab really piqued my curiosity, as I further probed Dr Low on how the jab works and its contents.

The Skinny Jab comes in the form of a portable injectable pen, to be administered into the arm, abdomen, or thigh, depending on personal preference. What this pen contains is a replica of a natural hormone our body produces, known as Glucagon-Like-Peptide (GLP-1).

This hormone is responsible for regulating appetite and suppressing hunger pangs. With an added dose of GLP-1 in for of the Skinny Jab, our greatest hurdle when it comes to weight loss which is hunger and food cravings can also be easily overcome.


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Magnetic Muscle Sculpt

“I know many people have put in the hours in the gym hoping to get some definition on their torso, but the results are anything but encouraging. What this treatment brings to the table resembles a grueling gym session, but the catch is you don’t even have to move a muscle!”


A gym session without having to move a muscle? Music to anyone’s ears!

Dr Low goes on to explain how the prowess of Functional Magnetic Stimulation, the magnetic driving force behind this procedure specially meant for those who are looking for better muscle definition for their bodies.

The intensity of one Magnetic Muscle Sculpting session can be equivalent to a whopping 10,000 crunches – something no one can personally achieve in one session in the gym!

Muscle definition without perspiration – who knew what would be possible?


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