DISCLAIMER: some of the megastars on this list will make you go “What, REALLY?!”. I was equally astounded, trust me.

Such is the reality of hair loss – it really catches you unawares. Statistics just get grimmer over the years, with percentages of female hair loss after the age of 30 steadily ascending with no signs of respite.

Let this exposé be a testament to how real the threat of hair loss is – and how it can affect the best, the famous, and the most glamorous of us.


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#1. Lady Gaga


Oscar and Grammy winner Lady Gaga seems to be able to do it all and have it all. Alas, success usually comes at quite a hefty price, and it seems that the Lady has paid for it in follicular fashion.

Always one to own her imperfections than shy from it, this image above is actually one she personally uploaded on her Instagram account, openly lamenting about going bald because of all the damage dealt from dying her hair 50 different shades of “cray”.

Excessive bleaching and dyeing of the hair can lead to scalp irritation and the death of hair follicles indeed.

It has been unclear what she’s since done to alleviate the situation, but Lady Gaga has since graced her post-Oscar media obligations with a lustrous head of platinum blonde hair, showing no signs of bald patches on her scalp.

A fuss-free quick fix maybe? We all know Lady Gaga’s schedule is waaay to full to sit in for 10-15 hours, and go through the downtime to fix her hairy issue, that’s for sure.


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#2. Katy Perry


The new judge on American Idol used to rock her hair long, but has since traded her flowing tresses for a way shorter pixie cut… all because she does not want to be judged for her receding hairline.

Also another star who’d rather own her flaws than skirt around it, she has been transparent about her hair loss issues on The Ellen Show, after teasing Ellen about asking her hairstylist to give her “The Ellen”.

She further explains how her hair has been subjected to so much abuse from styling, it was starting to fall out. This culminated in her settling for a shorter and simpler look, for her scalp’s sake.

Kudos to Katy for embracing showing the world she’s not perfect – her hair has never looked better since, exhibiting no signs of post-partum loss even after her very recent pregnancy.

Potent ‘Voluminating’ serum at work, perhaps?


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#3. Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell, one of the most recognizable runway models of her time has not let it all go in terms of her body, but her hairline is definitely getting away from her.

Arguably the name on the list with the worst case of traction alopecia on the list, the 48-year old seems to have come to terms with her loss, and just cannot be bothered to cover it up when making public appearances.

Her follicular woes seem to have worsened as she entered her 40s, and the realization that wearing wigs or weaves to cover up the situation might further exacerbate it probably led her to just embrace the issue.

She might also be comfortable with the fact that she is, after all, Naomi Campbell, one of the most famous supermodels of the world in her time. She can probably own the bald look anyways.

Not everyone can boast of this – most certainly not us.

If you’re also fond of keeping your bun really tight, you might also run the risk of suffering from traction alopecia.

One of the easiest ways to guard yourself against this is to decrease the frequency of your shampoo-and-conditioner routine, because too much of exposure to the chemicals in those products maybe end up accelerating hair fall.

On the instances where you need to shampoo and condition your hair, add a Hair Recovery and Strengthening Serum into the mix, to fortify your follicular structure and make hair harder to rip off when you pull it backward.


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