That jumbo bag of sour cream and onions chips. That box of macarons just sitting pretty in the fridge. That double chocolate chip tub of Haagen Dazs chilling in your freezer, right above the pretty macarons.

These are just some of the things that run through your mind on your late-night K Drama binge. You want to sleep it off, but you’re just suffering from that ‘one last episode and I’ll stop’ loop that never seems to end.

To compound your misery, you’re actually trying to lose a few pounds, and just put in two hours of work at the gym earlier…only to possibly undo it and cave to your carnal food craving.


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Hunger or Craving?

Many often confuse these late-night urges to eat something like hunger, but if you’re not thinking of having a full meal and just more of a savory item you can easily acquire and consume, you’re actually having a craving.

The difference between cravings and plain hunger is that cravings are strictly a desire for a specific food item or taste that is purely mental, whereas hunger is our body’s actual call for energy and nourishment.

Cravings can also be borne from the association of certain foods to emotions like boredom, sadness, anxiety, or even happiness.

Simply put, you can have cravings basically however you’re feeling. How do you put a stop to all these food-fueled thoughts, before it’s acted on and the weight gain hits?


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What *Might* Work

The natural reaction of the weight-conscious upon caving in to these food cravings is to put in more hours in the gym or experiment with various diets (intermittent, Keto, juice).

There will be some who load themselves with water to trick their bodies into feeling full, while the more extreme perform a mass exodus of titbits and desserts that they might be in proximity to, so they can ‘cold turkey’ it out when these cravings hit.

The truth is, these measures are at best, a hit-or-miss.

There are more people who grow exasperated of the gym time they put in that come without any visible results. Pumping your body full of water might even cause weight gain from water retention, on top of countless irksome trips to the toilet.

Experimenting with various diets and getting rid of all the snacks in the house might be counter-effective in curbing those cravings, possibly even heightening it.


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What *Actually* Works

A better way to cope with these cravings is to understand our body’s ability to regulate appetite better, and explore more efficient solutions based on that knowledge.

There is a hormone that the body produces that reduces and regulates your food intake, known as Glucagon-Like-Peptide (GLP-1). This hormone, like everything else the body produces, tends to ebb in volume and efficiency with age.

The less of this hormone you have in your system, the poorer your ability to cope with your cravings… and the greater the weight gain.

What you really need to curb those food urges, is an apt double-dose of GLP-1, and this comes in the form of one of the latest innovations in weight loss known as The Skinny Jab. 

Coming in the form of an injectable pen that you can carry around and administer to yourself at your convenience, a dose of a replica of GLP-1 can effectively suppress your appetite and contain any form of craving that may hit after your regular meals.

If all else still fails and you still do succumb to these cravings (which I found highly unlikely, having tried the Skinny Jab), a daily detox combined with a bowel regulator will ensure your toxins from junk food are purged and any chance of bloating and weight gain, prevented.


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