Celebrities, for all their panache for churning out hit singles or sweeping you off your feet in blockbuster movie roles, are adored by all of us because of their ability to look flawless and unblemished.

The picture of perfection, be it on print or screen.

Our yearning for the same kind of perfection puts these picture-perfect public figures right up on our beauty pedestal.

More often than not, however, we fail to realize that these celebrities bleed the same blood and breathe the same air as us, and there can be no better people to remind us of how they are but flawed human beings than the stars themselves.


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Every Rose Has Its Thorne


Disney starlet Bella Thorne is a wearer of many hats. Being a model, singer, actress, and director all by the tender age of 22 definitely leaves very little time for skin maintenance for the teen, and she is not shy to chronicle it.

Bella has been observed on more than one occasion on her Instagram profile with zit creams she’s trying out, or zooming in on her cystic acne – to the prying eyes of her millions of followers.

Her struggle with cystic acne has dated back to her years as a 14-year old breaking out (pun intended) onto the scene on Disney’s Shake It Up.

Having been cast into the limelight at such a young age, she eventually got really tired of not being able to indulge in normal activities like going for her driving test without concealing her facial acne, and decided to own it, and be comfortable in her own skin.

That does not mean she is not putting whatever time she can afford to clear her skin – she has since observed significant improvement to her skin, by way of consuming her probiotics and using high-quality retinoid products.


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S-Miley’s Face


Miley Cyrus is the well-documented wild child that has gone through some wild times in her life… and it certainly shows, from some of the candid selfies the pop star/actress puts up on her 115 million-strong Instagram account.

This megastar has skin just like ours, and she wears it like a badge of humor. Celebrities go through some of the most hectic schedules day-to-day, and the stress of handling multiple commitments under the very public eye can cause the skin to lash out and retaliate in the form of acne.

Miley’s skin issues started at a pretty tender age as well and personally admits it was one of her biggest insecurities – irony coming from a star that seems to have it all.

Unlike Bella Thorne, Miley is not as confident when it comes to self-administered acne fixes, and has openly admitted to leaving her acne woes in the hands of aesthetic doctors to reinstate the Purity back into her skin.


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RiRi’s “Ugly” Week


Rihanna is a queen in her own right. A ferocious mix of sugar and spice, she does and says what she wants – and gets away with a ton of adoration in her wake.

This also means that if RiRi has facial flaws, she also makes sure her zits shine bright… like a diamond.

Rihanna professes to have an “…ugly day every month; pimples on my face, prominent weight gain… it’s more like an ugly week.”

She deals with her “ugly week” like the boss that she is – with minimal fuss. Her key to clearing her acne is drinking loads of water and cutting out the alcohol – two things we certainly underrate when it comes to skincare.

Topping off that simple two-step tip is her reliance on moisturizing facial mists, cleansers, and hydrating masks while her skin undergoes her monthly scheduled maintenance.

Now when the sun shines you can shine with Rihanna together. Under your Umbrella, of course!


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