Adele took the musical world by storm when she burst onto the scene with her multiple-Grammy winning album 21, boasting hits like ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Rolling in the Deep’, and ‘Set Fire to the Rain’.

Her star power was unrivalled, and she was THE songstress of the generation. She had a voice of an angel, but as amazing as she sounded, she lacked the confidence she exuded when singing, when it came to her body.


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Not Ashamed, But Not Proud of It Either


Adele does not exactly fall into the category of fellow pop stars like Rita Ora and Rihanna when it comes to body type, and while the rest of them gyrate and electrify their fans with elaborate dance routine, Adele lets her voice do all the talking.

When questioned about her body during press interviews, Adele always displayed an air of nonchalance, always bringing the attention back to her vocal work.

While she is always a firm advocate for body positivity, and never felt the need to conform to any form of societal norms, her stunning body transformation eventually came…. but for all the right reasons.


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Setting Fire to the Gain

A lengthy Instagram post by Adele’s personal trainer has fiercely debunked Adele’s decision to lose weight due to the pressure from the mass media.

He further reiterated that Adele’s sole reason for wanting to stay fit was because she wanted to be healthier and more capable of caring for her kid.

The fact that the grueling post-pregnancy and post-surgery schedule she has been slapped with naturally contributed to her loss of weight. It was only at the point where she realized she could push her body to greater limits, with the help of her very supportive personal trainer.

A very disciplined routine of daily detoxification, and a rigorous routine of cardio sent Adele on the fast track to weight loss – amounting to a whopping 150 pounds of weight loss.


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The Good Kind of Shock

Adele shocked the world in the best way possible when she flaunted her new and improved figure on social media, too much positive feedback.

One of the greatest challenges Adele has had to face is her penchant for desserts and ice cream, her self-professed favorites. She has somehow managed to contain those cravings, not without a little help of course.

With Adele’s newfound svelte figure, the next thing that is left for her to do is to firm and tone, to complete the radial transformation.

Now all that is left for the songstress is a little bit of toning and firming to complete that radical transformation.


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