All the celebrities we adore seem to have it all – the beauty, the poise, and everything nice. When they strut their stuff on the red carpet, they’re always the picture of perfection.

What we seldom really see is what really how human they can be when the figure-shaping corset, the designer dress, and the elaborate makeup comes off.

Being human comes with their own set of human problems, some of which we don’t even have… yet.


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A Flaw in the Floor

Celebrities can carry imperfections that appear unseen to the naked eye, but they do not necessarily try to keep it under wraps.

Celebrities like Kris Jenner, Kate Winslet, and Whoopi Goldberg have very publicly opened up about their struggles with controlling their bladder, owing to their weakened pelvic floors that are inherent from age and motherhood.

According to award-winning actress Winslet, she concedes that her bladder issues worsened after the birth of her third child.

“It’s amazing; two sneezes, I’m fine. Three, it’s game over… I wet myself.” Kate muses, unamused.


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Causes and Effects


While scientists and doctors continue to ascertain the exact reasons for the weakening of the pelvic muscles, two of the confirmed causes are the general deterioration of the body with old age and the duress the pelvic floor experiences during childbirth.

The prolapse of the pelvic floor can start off minor, and slip right under the radar unless diagnosed through a routine examination or a pap smear. The little telltale signs include urinary incontinence or a dragging sensation in your vagina.

These little signs can escalate to the extensive loss of bowel and urinary movement, involuntary muscle spasms, loss of sensation during sexual activity, and the worst of the lot… prostate cancer.


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Don’t Let it Go South

There are a variety of solutions that can halt the prolapsing of your pelvic floor before things get too serious, that ranges from the self-administered to the professional nature.

For celebrities like Kate Winslet and Kris Jenner, they have since become Kegel connoisseurs, mastering the art of Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floors.

Kegel exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is to first ensure that your bladder is empty, and tighten and clench your pelvic floor muscles. Hold it tight and count from 3 to 5 seconds, for 10 counts in a row.

Repeat this procedure 3 times a day, and you might just find yourself having better control of your bladder, and even enjoying heightened sensation during sexual activity.

In the more advanced cases of pelvic floor prolapse, kegel exercises might just not really cut it as a form of remedy.

Professional help can come in the form of the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt, a 15-30 minute procedure with zero downtime.

Employing the leading-edge technology of Functional Magnetic Stimulation, electromagnetic induction directly activates motor neurons, resulting in the contraction of any muscle group that is in contact with this energy.

By any muscle group, I actually do mean the function of this procedure far transcends the strengthening of just your pelvic muscles. This procedure can also be applied to the abdominal area, the butt, or even the thighs for some very confidence-boosting muscle definition, sans the gym hours!

For more comprehensive maintenance of what goes on down south beyond the pelvic muscles, the Intimate Renewal Program is also a more viable all-around option.


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