The world of beauty is littered with countless jargon that ranges from the chemical to the technical, but what we know are some of the buzzwords that have proven their mettle in the battle against bad skin.

Ingredients like retinol, azelaic acid, or hyaluronic acid are all not new to the ears of the self-conscious because these are the ingredients they look out for when adding to their skincare arsenal, but there are some lesser-known terms, with equally formidable qualities.

Ampoules are one such fine example.


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What are They?

Ampoules are essentially sealed vials that are used to contain and preserve a chemical sample. The contents in an ampoule are usually very sensitive and potent, and easily prone to contamination.


Originally only prevalent in chemical laboratories that have little or nothing to do with the aesthetic or beauty industry, the advent in research and technology in this very vibrant industry has somehow found the use for these diminutive vials, to contain the ‘secret sauce’ that may just contain the keys to skin perfection.




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What’s in a Vial

The reason why ampoules are the preferred choice of storage, instead of the customary tube or tub skincare usually comes in, is simply because of its high level of concentration.

While most skincare products some in a cacophony of various ingredients, they simply do not pack enough of a punch to deal with specific concerns of the skin, when required.

These ampoules contain a specific ingredient that also targets a unique skin concern, with a concentration level of 5 times higher than the usual skincare product.

This also means the efficacy of these little vials far surpasses that of the products you can acquire from your friendly pharmacy.


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The Range

This portion of the article might be very jargon-heavy, but all you need to bear in mind are the accelerated healing effects that each ampoule brings in one tiny vial.

The Astaxanthin Ampoule: This ampoule is the perfect antidote for anyone suffering from skin irritation or rosacea.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidizing ingredient that provides relief and protection against irritated skin and even premature aging that comes along with it.

When used daily for a week, the contents of this ampoule will not only soothe your skin and rid it of redness, it also prevents further occurrences of irritation, and even turns your skin a brighter and healthier shade of young.

The Azelaic Acid Ampoule: For the long sufferers of textural and pigmentation issues of the skin, proper help might have finally come in the form of this tiny vial.

Azelaic Acid, when delivered in concentrated doses is especially effective in smoothening the texture of the skin, minimizing enlarged pores, and diminishing the appearance of bothersome blemishes.

A week of daily use of this ampoule activates the intensive recovery of skin and the closure of pores, while reducing the harsh redness of blemishes and pigmentation, bring a new wave of calm to otherwise turbulent skin.

The Copper Peptide Ampoule: Copper Peptide is an integral cog in the anti-aging wheel, and this ampoule is made for those who wear the signs of aging on their skin, in the form of wrinkles, sagging, or fine lines.

Copper Peptide not only fortifies the immunity function of the skin, they have known accelerators of collagen synthesis and boast anti-inflammatory purposes as well.

Usage of this ampoule daily for a week will render visible results in the form of a skin lift, and the diminishing of the lines of aging.

The Tranexamic Acid Ampoule: If you happen to be one of the ones that suffer from dark spots on your face that gradually get even darker with photodamage and hormonal shifts, you NEED the Tranexamic Acid Ampoule in your life.

A derivative of amino acid, Tranexamic Acid when combined with Hyaluronic Acid in the ampoule does not only lighten and eventually get rid of pre-existing dark spots, its presence in your skin also acts as a shield that prevents the formation of new ones.

Like all aforementioned ampoules, a week of daily usage will see your skin clear of those pesky dark spots, along with the bonus of fairer skin.

* The Arbutin and Nicotinamide Ampoules that complete the range are sold out at the time of publication.


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