When the nominees of the inaugural 72nd Emmy Awards were announced, everyone was expecting a very responsibly distanced live event where the stars will only get to rub proverbial shoulders.

When it was announced the Emmys would be virtual for the first time in its history, the world was a little shook, and unsure of what to expect.

Will that mean that there will be no glitz or glamour, as celebrities receive and present the awards for the various categories… in the PJs and with their faces bare?


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Keeping the Glam

Fortunately for the fans, the executive producers of this year’s unprecedented virtual awards show have reassured fans that it will be business as usual, as teams of top technicians, producers, writers and stylists will be dispatched to each featuring celebrity’s homes, to provide an experience that is as seamless as it is when held conventionally.

When the awards aired this past Monday, these executive producers did not disappoint indeed, as the stars graced our screens in the comfort of their sprawling residences, barely losing a lash as they wowed us in designer gowns and immaculate make up.

Some of these actresses looked so good, I just knew I had to mention them in writing.


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“Zendaya” was the buzzword on everyone’s lips in the aftermath of the Emmys’ as she wowed and plowed her competition, by being the youngest actress ever in Emmy history to win for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, for her turn as a drug addict on the mend in TV series Euphoria.

This was not the only reason she caused the post-Emmy media ripple, of course. It was the oozing of her class, as she flaunted her unsullied and svelte post-lockdown figure in a embellished custom Armani Privé gown, paired with Bulgari jewelry. An absolute sight for all (not just sore) eyes.


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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington pulled out all the stops, thematically and fashionably as she made her virtual appearance for this occasion.

From renaming her Emmy-nominated show “Little Flowers Everywhere” instead of the actual Little Fires Everywhere just to complement her floral Oscar de la Renta gown, to her makeup that accentuated those time-defying, supple signature lips of hers.

There was little to not envy about her, as she made her screen time her very own red carpet, and us the adoring people clamoring for her attention.


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Jennifer Aniston

We have saved the most consistent for the last, of course. It is highly possible that the queen of reverse-aging (if that’s not a thing, it now is) Jennifer Aniston has never had a moment that she did not look good when it comes to red carpet events.

Even without a red carpet, the 51-year old continues to hold our gaze, without the use of intricately patterned gowns and elaborate hair and makeup.

This year Jennifer took to the ‘stage’ for virtual interaction with host Jimmy Kimmel in the simplest of black slip dresses by Dior, paired with a diamond-rich ornament that adorns her neck.

What really shone was her healthy tan, toned arms, and her most consistent feature of all, that wrinkle-and-crinkle free face.

51? She’s not fooling anyone, that’s for sure!


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