Jessi does not exactly fit into your standard archetype of a K-pop idol.

She does not have fair skin.

She is not sweet and soft-spoken.

She does not boast an 18-inch waist and a svelte figure like most K-pop stars.

But what she is, is still absolutely stunning in all of her va-va-voom, devil-may-care, and foul-mouthed glory.


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The Jessi of Yesteryear

Jessi wasn’t always the flamboyant, sassy diva she is right now. Before her ‘metamorphosis’, she was pretty much your run-of-the-mill pop star. Shy, demure, and living within the yardstick set for every Korean celebrity.

Perhaps she got sick of living by everyone else’s standards but hers, but something clicked within her, as she tried to live on her own terms, by way of major and minor aesthetic augmentations.

With pictures of her pre-surgery self surfacing on the internet, let us dive deeper into some of the major changes she has undergone to be one of the most popular (if not the most) pop star in Korea.


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Treasure Chest

One of the most prominent changes Jessie has undergone and spoken about publicly is the augmentation of her chest.

She has famously been quoted quashing her haters who have commented that her boob job is ‘too obvious’, saying ‘Why would I hide it when I paid money to get it done? I don’t understand people who get it done and then lie about it.”


While Jessie is proud to flaunt what she’s paid for, not all of us possess that confidence she exudes. For all of you who yearn for a little upgrade to an ample bosom, there are subtle procedures like Natural Breast Augmentation that will gain you all the envy of everyone, but none of the suspicion of going under the knife.


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Jessi Nose Best

While the K-pop fanverse have unanimously agreed that Jessi actually was already very pretty even by their high standards before she had any work done on herself, the outspoken rapper/singer only lives by one person’s standard of beauty: her own.

This is the reason why Jessi has openly admitted to having a rhinoplasty done during a TV interview in 2016 because she felt that she could afford to have a more petite nose.

She was so comfortable with sharing that fact, she even showcased the strange noise her nose makes when she breathes fast, as a result of her nose job!

Since she has had her rhinoplasty, aesthetic technology has since advanced by leaps and bounds, significantly slicing downtime and minimizing post-surgery bruising – no more strange noises ala Jessi when you breathe fast, should you decide to do it!


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Lips to Match the Glib

Jessi says whatever Jessi wants, and she simply doesn’t care what you think about it. For someone that speaks her mind, she definitely has the lips to go with it.

One of the most standout features of the star is her sultry, bee-stung lips. Often accentuated with glossy and loud lipstick, those lips are in perfect alignment with her boisterous personality that has endeared her to her legion of fans.

Jessi was not born with those voluminous kiss-mongers, though. She has also made known the fact that she has had lip fillers to plump her lips, and understands that like most of the skin, the lips lose volume over time due to decreased collagen production.

Lip fillers are of course the route-one approach to take for lip voluminization. If any of you are looking for more subtle ways to give your lips a little boost over a gradual period instead of plumping it up in one go, a procedure like Revitalift Lips or a product like the Rose Quartz Oil Moisture Lip Treatment can be helpful in your quest to get lippy.


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